New Triple Trio win a shock

He can't pick a winning horse to save his life, so Otago man Len Glassford let the TAB choose for him - and won $300,000 from a $10 bet.

The most money 73-year-old Mr Glassford had won at the races before was $50, so his success on Saturday's Telegraph Day at Trentham was a shock.

"It's a bit unbelievable. It was just over the top," he said.

Mr Glassford, from Milton, was the biggest winner of the TAB's new Triple Trio bet, which asks punters to pick the first three horses in three consecutive races. A $1 million guaranteed pot was set aside for Saturday's debut Triple Trio, and Mr Glassford's percentage bet entitled him to the $300,000 payout.

Choosing his own horses had brought no luck at all in the leadup to Saturday, Mr Glassford said. "I had a go at trying to pick it myself and I did no good, so I used an Easybet."

He didn't plan to jinx his luck by betting at this Saturday's Wellington Cup Day. "I might wait a week, I think."

The Dominion Post