Beach bacteria levels pose risk

Swimming at beaches on Wellington's south coast could pose a health risk, Greater Wellington Regional Council data shows.

Samples taken from Shark Bay, Scorching Bay, Shelley Bay, Worser Bay, Seatoun, Breaker Bay, south end of Lyall Bay, Island Bay, Owhiro Bay, Hataitai Beach, Balaena Bay show bacteria is at levels which pose "an unacceptable health risk".

Environmental scientist Summer Greenfield said the readings were taken on Monday following wet weather, and it was normal to see high bacteria levels after heavy rain.

Mrs Greenfield said run-off and overflow from urban areas after rain affected bacteria levels, but further samples being taken today were likely to show better results.

Wellington had 1.4mm and 1.6mm of rain last Thursday and Friday but the last heavy downfall before that was January 5, with 15mm, and January 3 with 23mm.

To see a map of water quality around the region click here.

The Dominion Post