'Average temperatures' expected for NI

02:01, Jan 31 2014

Temperatures for the next three months are expected to be average to above average for the North Island, while things could be slightly cooler in the south.

NIWA's seasonal climate outlook said mean sea level pressures were expected to be normal over New Zealand, with lower pressures than usual to the north of the country and higher pressures than usual well to the east.

This circulation pattern is expected to be associated with weak anomalous south-westerly flows over the South Island and easterly flows over the North Island.

For the Wellington region, temperatures had an equal chance of being near average or above average while rainfall should be in the expected range.

Some regions such as the west of the South Island could expect slightly lower than average temperatures and rainfall.

Further events similar to the remnants of tropical cyclone June that hit the North Island in mid-January could not be ruled out, the report said.


The Dominion Post