Private investigators cost ministry $6000

17:37, Feb 02 2014

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment spent more than $6000 on private investigators when a staff member was suspected of dishonesty.

A report to Parliament's commerce committee shows the department employed accounting firm KPMG to carry out forensic work on the employee's office computer last April. The bill was $6478 for a week.

A spokeswoman confirmed KPMG was brought in when the ministry received an allegation of staff dishonesty.

"The allegation was investigated by MBIE. An external agency was engaged for one week to assist with forensic computer work. They produced no written report. The investigation did not find any evidence of dishonesty," she said.

It was not an allegation or suspicion of gross misconduct and no person's private correspondence was compromised or put at risk.


The Dominion Post