'Censored streakers' for Wellington Sevens

NAUGHTY NUDIES: Censored Streakers Martin Badenhorst and Morgan Falloon test out their ‘pixelated’ outfits for this weekend’s Wellington Sevens.
NAUGHTY NUDIES: Censored Streakers Martin Badenhorst and Morgan Falloon test out their ‘pixelated’ outfits for this weekend’s Wellington Sevens.

The Wellington Sevens will be bombarded with more than 100 'streakers', although most, if not all, will be fully clothed.

Sevens fan Sam Newble said 104 people would eventually join the ''censored streakers'' fan group at Westpac Stadium.

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Last year 90 mates made up a squad of Adam and Eves, complete with fig leaves.

People were coming from a far afield as Australia and Auckland, he said.

''It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It's getting a bit out of hand really, but we all had a great time last year. It started five years ago with 14 people, and it's built from there.''

The nearly-nude theme will continue this year, with the group dressing up as ''censored streakers''.

Crew member Kate Hudson is an eight time Sevens veteran and said the scanty theme came from a desire to pull off something novel.

''You always want to come up with something different and quirky rather than the has-beens and has-dones.

''They have bought hundreds of metres of flesh coloured fabric, and there will be a few late nights sewing on ''pixilated patches'' in strategic places, Mr Newble said.

Under stadium rules, complete or near nudity is banned.

However he was confident the group would be fine.

''We're not actually nude, we've checked it all out.

''He said the costumes would be chilly, and was hopeful the weather would be warm.

''I have to say I got a bit of a fright when I checked out the long range forecast, but you've got to be optimistic.''

WeatherWatch head analyst Philip Duncan said although breezy and cool at times conditions would improve over the weekend.

Sevens general manager Marty Donoghue said the costumes appeared to be in the creative spirit of the event.

''They're clothed and it sounds quite quirky. I don't think it would fall outside the rules. We're encouraging people to look at creative ways to represent the countries although I'm not quite sure 'nude' would fall in to that category.''

He encouraged fans to get along and snap up the remaining 1750 tickets for the Sevens, which has a 35,000 capacity on each of the two days.

A strong  front would start moving up the country on Waitangi Day bringing a few showers, southerly winds and temperatures peaking at about 17 degrees Celsius.

''It's not cold but it's not going to be hot,''  said.

Coming into Saturday a high would cross the country raising the temperature by a degree and bringing occasional showers.

''It will be hot in the sun in the stadium but if you're facing the wind it will be brisk and breezy.''

Sunday would improve again with a high of 19C expected and would be fairly sunny with a few clouds.

Meanwhile, Sevens fans are being urged to give to charity Oxfam's relief effort for Tongans affected by Cyclone Ian.

Collectors will be at Wednesday's street parade, and along the concourse leading to Westpac Stadium on the days of the event.

Oxfam's Txt2Donate campaign will also be promoted.

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