Census: capital residents single, well paid and willing helpers

17:13, Feb 04 2014

Compared to the average Kiwis, capital dwellers are faithless rich singletons with a flair for volunteering.

Census 2013 figures released yesterday reveal the ways Kiwis live in different parts the country - from what jobs we choose to our religious faith.

While overall we are smoking and praying less and earning more, our behaviour varies greatly depending on where we live.

In the capital, fewer than one in 10 people smoke regularly.

Wellingtonians are the least likely to have married and are more likely to be single than most New Zealanders.

With more than four in 10 declaring no faith, the capital is among the least religious cities, second only to Dunedin.


It also has the wealthiest residents in the country, with the median yearly household income of $91,100.

Only residents in the Orakei area in Auckland earn more.

Despite the high income, more Wellingtonians also did unpaid work than anywhere else, with nine out 10 either volunteering, caring for children or helping out around the house.

Overall, they were most likely to work in professional, scientific or technical services.

The picture was slightly different in the Hutt Valley and Porirua, where people were more likely to be religious, smoke, and be in a relationship. Public administration was the biggest employment in the Hutt Valley but residents in Porirua were more likely to work in health care and social services.

In Kapiti Coast, most people worked in retail and were generally less financially well-off than residents further south in the region.

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