Civil unions down after equality bill

22:36, Feb 04 2014

Same sex couples are spurning civil unions in favour of marriage, with more than 300 tying the knot since the law was changed.

Provisional figures released by Statistics New Zealand today show there were 355 same-sex marriages in the second half of last year.

These were made up of 190 female couples and 165 male couples and many were opting out of their civil union, with 103 same-sex couples switching to marriage.

Meanwhile the number of people opting for a civil union had slowed to a trickle. Only seven same-sex couples entered a civil union in the last three months of 2013.

Civil unions were introduced as alternative to marriage for same sex couples in 2005, giving them the same legal rights as a married couple.

However, marriage equality laws passed in July last year mean same-sex couples can now wed in name as well as law.


The Dominion Post