Four hours of car-free cycling attracts hordes

17:21, Feb 16 2014
MIRAMAR ROBBED: An unexpectedly large bunch of 2500 cyclists fills Massey Rd during Ciclovia yesterday. 

Bike enthusiasts took full advantage yesterday of their ultimate dream - a car-free road.

In Wellington, 2500 cyclists, rollerbladers and walkers attended Ciclovia, a worldwide event which closes city roads to cars and opens them up to people.

On Miramar peninsula, Massey Rd from Shelly Bay to Scorching Bay was closed from 1pm to 5pm. Families were especially targeted, with organisers handing out treasure hunt maps to keep kids entertained on the ride.

Seatoun mum Claire Graeme saw Ciclovia as a great opportunity to take her six-year-old son Stanley Conn on his bike. "He's still learning to ride on the roads.

"It's lovely not having stinky cars around."

Stanley preferred the terrain. "The best thing is going on the flat," he said.

The local Frocks on Bikes chapter was one of the biggest groups to hit the road, with more than 100 riding from Freyberg Pool to Scorching Bay, where they finished with a picnic and raffle.

With encouragement from a friend, Francesca Askew, 25, "wobbled" through her first bike ride in years. The chance to put on a nice frock won her over, she said. "It's nice to just dress up and get out there, really. It was wonderful to just ride along and not worry about the cars."


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