Fine dodgers may lose licence or car

New Zealanders who have avoided paying their fines now face losing their driver's licence and in some cases, have their car impounded.

New rules came into force today that will see some people issued with Driver Licence Stop Orders, that would prevent them driving and could see cars seized for 28 days.

Courts Minister Chester Borrows said the measures were aimed at clawing back some of the $48 million in unpaid fines, from about 136,000 New Zealand - some of whom weren't even trying to pay the money.

Earlier this month, Borrows said the initial focus would be on the worst offenders.

Those who owed large amounts would have 14 days to pay or to set up a payment plan.

They would receive one warning before their licence was seized.

If they were caught driving while their licence was suspended they could face prosecution and have the vehicle seized for 28 days.

Fine dodgers would not have their licence returned until their slate was clean or they had set up a payment plan.

Borrows said the system was a warning to those who owed money to get it paid quickly.

The Dominion Post