Link road cuts planned houses

17:31, Feb 19 2014

Newly planned houses in Grenada could end up being demolished to make way for the link road to Petone, the New Zealand Transport Agency has confirmed.

Title has been issued for developments along Havana Rise, a newly laid out road, and its side road, Sandino Place, in the Lincolnshire Farms area northeast of Grenada Village.

The Petone to Grenada link road, announced last week, would affect 26 sections in Sandino Place and Havana Rise, some of which were given title only late last year.

Havana Rise and its side roads were approved by Wellington City Council in 2012. Developers, led by Mike Russell of Russell Homes, have laid out foundations for homes there, and hope to start building soon.

But NZTA said that, depending on the choice of connection from the road through to Transmission Gully, 26 new sections may be affected.

Homes built on those sections may have to be demolished.


Option C, which widens the existing State Highway 1 at Tawa, and Option D, through Takapu Valley, both affect parts of the new development area. Some sections would be affected by both.

NZTA Wellington highways manager Rod James said that, when the Havana Rise developments were approved, even as late as September last year, the Petone-Grenada link road plans did not exist in detail.

The road had been mooted since the 1970s, but nobody could have said where it would go with any certainty before last month, he said.

"The project was still under investigation and it was too early to determine with any certainty where any route might end up.

"We recognise that this is a difficult time for these property owners, regardless of how long they have owned their property.

"In this case we have moved to communicate the route options at a very early stage in the planning process, and there is plenty more work to do before any decisions are made."

Wellington City Council chief asset officer Anthony Wilson said the council had not known about the road's route when it issued titles for the subdivisions.

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