Distances wrong in Round The Bays

23:24, Feb 23 2014
Participants make their way along Cobham Drive.
Round the Bays participants get ready to run, jog and walk.
Roundthebays 3
Going at a good pace. James Richardson, Canadian mountain running rep, has been with athletics club Scottish for about four years.
Runners and walkers make their way around Balaena Bay.
Running along Oriental Bay.
Round the bays 5
Nice day for run.
Round the Bays 6
Race contestants enjoy a well deserved rest at Kilbirnie Park.
Round the Bays 7
Participants run through a group warm up before the race starts.
Round the Bays
Ready and waiting.
Round the Bays
Round the bays. And they're off.
Round the Bays
Jermaine Robinson, from Wellington, gets into the group warm-up exercises before the start of the 6.5km run/walk.
Round the Bays
Rylee Adamson, 5, finishing the 6.5km race.
Round the Bays
A group warm-up before the 6.5km run.
Round the Bays
Some were out very early, limbering up.

If your run Round The Bays in Wellington felt longer than it should have, then it probably was.

Organisers of yesterday's big running and walking event that attracted 14,000 competitoirs have apologised on Facebook today, admitting that those who participated in the half marathon actually ran 600 metres further than the regulation 21.1km.

Did the longer Round the Bays circuit affect your run? Contact news@dompost.co.nz

Organisers said on Facebook that the turnaround point on the half-marathon circuit was placed in the wrong spot, making the whole run slightly longer.

"We would like to apologise to those trying to achieve PBs (personal best)," they said.

It came after many runners queried the length of the race, pointing out that their own GPS recorded it as closer to 22km.

Some said the extra distance had thrown out their attempts to beat their previous best times. 

Some also questioned the distance of the 10km run, claiming it was about 300m too long.


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