Tirade at bus driver upsets girls

19:08, Feb 28 2014
Nourah Msahli
MEMORIES STILL FRESH: Nourah Msahli in Wellington's Manners St where a woman was hit by a bus on Monday. Msahli was one of two girls who went to the injured woman's aid.

Two teenage girls who leaped into action when they saw a woman get hit by a bus in Manners St have urged Wellingtonians to check their compassion.

The girls rushed to the injured pedestrian's side - but were horrified to hear some bystanders hurling abuse at the bus driver.

After the crash a witness contacted The Dominion Post to commend the two girls for stepping up to the plate.

Manners St bus accident
HEAD INJURIES: A woman is attended to by paramedics after being hit by a bus in Manners St, Wellington.

Wellington student Nourah Msahli, 17, was crossing Manners St on Monday when the pedestrian was struck by a bus metres ahead.

She and her friend watched in horror as the woman ricocheted off the bus and flew headlong into the pavement.

The bus came to a halt and the teens' adrenaline kicked in.


"I just ran straight over. My friend at first didn't know what to do but then she ran with me to where she was lying on the road."

There they applied the first aid Miss Msahli had learnt in hospitality training.

"I knew I didn't want to move her head just in case there was something wrong with her spine as I thought if I moved it I could cause a worse injury."

A jersey came flying from another stranger whom Miss Msahli never saw, and the girls gingerly placed it underneath the woman's head to stem the flow of blood.

They held her hand and talked to her while she regained consciousness.

Soon another man offered help, and the trio used clothing to cover the woman's eyes and shade her from the sun as other bystanders phoned for help.

To Miss Msahli's horror some onlookers began yelling abuse at the bus driver.

When paramedics took over, police took the two girls on to the bus to deliver their witness accounts.

There Miss Msahli met the "traumatised" bus driver.

"I just went up to her and gave her a hug and said ‘It's OK' and that I would be praying for both of them. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and said ‘Kia ora, girl'."

The pedestrian was taken to Wellington Hospital suffering from significant blood loss, and she remained there last night in a stable condition, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Miss Msahli's mother, Martha Samasoni, said she was proud of her daughter's ability to act fast at a time of high tension.

"We need to consider, as a city, if something was to happen like the Christchurch earthquake, what would our responses be? I could have stood in shock on the side too, maybe - I don't know. But I'm proud that she didn't."

Miss Msahli planned to send the victim flowers in hospital.

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