Teacher took naked photos of boy

01:04, Mar 10 2014

A former Taupo teacher took naked photos of a boy while on a trip to Asia.

Murray James Verran was censured by the Teachers' Disciplinary Tribunal on January 23, with the decision released today.

He would have faced a cancellation of his teaching certificate and registration had both of those not already expired in June 2013.

Verran told the tribunal he would not seek to gain registration again.

He used his camera to take three pictures of a naked 10 to 13-year-old Asian boy in June 2011 but deleted them before returning to New Zealand.

The boy was a member of a family with which Verran was friendly and had been staying with Verran at his holiday accommodation, with permission from his parents.

Upon returning to New Zealand, Customs undertook a forensic analysis of Verran's camera and found the images.

Verran plead guilty to three charges of making an objectionable publication in May 2012 and was discharged without conviction.


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