Flag vote to go ahead

01:42, Mar 11 2014
Stuff reader flag ideas
The radiating lines suggest forward movement, the lighter blue signals us as a young, dynamic nation looking onwards into the future
Stuff reader flag ideas
A combination of our present flag and the silver fern.
Stuff reader flag ideas
The green represents our remote and fertile country in the Tasman and Pacific Oceans. The black shows our night and day time-zones.
Stuff reader flag ideas
What is more uniquely Kiwi than black?
Stuff reader flag ideas
Let's just lose the Union Jack.
Stuff reader flag ideas
Ron Steers goes for a combination of our current flag and the silver fern.
Stuff reader flag ideas
Silver fern on black background with green horizontal bars. This is non-political and green is symbolic of NZ.
Stuff reader flag ideas
What are the colours of NZ? They are green and blue.
Stuff reader flag ideas
This flag shows our Maori and New Zealand European culture.
Stuff reader flag ideas
Simply drop the Union Jack and retain the Southern Cross on the blue background.
Stuff reader flag ideas
Geoff Bethell takes his inspiration from Canada: Replace the Canadian red with blue (for maritime), retain the white centre and add a fern.
The white represents the land of the long white cloud, the green shows the land and the triangle shape represents the mountains. The blue represents the sea. The stars show that we are part of the South Pacific and represent all of the people who have fought under the New Zealand flag.
Simple and bold New Zealand flag
Lewis Potter says we keep it simple. Black and white are our national colours. He's placed the stars near the hoist rather than the middle - remember flags are meant to be flown.
George Williams' design is about our country seeing the sun first, bright blue skies and retains the Southern Cross, minus the colonial take. Day and night in balance and in positivity.
Blue and green for the sky and land, a line of koru to represent the long white cloud, a Kiwi as a national symbol and Matariki using stars from the current flag to represent Maori and European heritage.
Stuff readers' flag designs
This flag was developed back in the 80s, based on the work of renowned NZ artist Gordon Walters.
Stuff readers' flag designs
This flag uses the natural colours and features of our landscape.
Stuff readers' flag designs
Neil Anderson's vision for an updated New Zealand flag.
Stuff readers' flag designs
Peter Seay's design is based on the flag created by Kyle Lockwood in 2005.
Stuff readers' flag designs
Kyle Lockwood's flag in blue and black.
Stuff readers' flag designs
Kyle Lockwood's silver fern design.
Integrating the existing navy blue colour and Southern Cross with a Koru
Mike Davison's pick for a new NZ flag.
The Southern Cross set in Pacific blue, with the long white cloud set over our green land, in a forward looking, positive direction.
Deb Gilbertson says she loves the white silver fern on a blue and green background - the land, sea, and sky of the world's most beautiful country.
Flag with fern, Southern Cross and rainbow for pride.
Allan Forsyth's suggestion for a new New Zealand flag.
Stuff readers' flag designs
A flag incorporating the koru and stars of the Southern Cross.
IN BALANCE: Barry McDonald's design for a new flag for New Zealand.
Barney Good's suggestion for a new New Zealand flag.
A combination of the Tino rangatiratanga flag, and the current flag. A blend of Maori culture and newer settlers.
Stuff readers' flag designs
A flag design incorporating the Southern Cross and the map of New Zealand.
Jack Ensor says the New Zealand coat of arms signifies the convergence of Maori and the British as well as encompassing many aspects of NZ.
Let's use the iconic images of New Zealand
The Southern Cross and silver fern flag.
NZ flag
REPRESENTATIVE: This flag design has symbolism throughout.
Stuff readers' flag designs
This design aims to move forward, while keeping an eye on our history.
Greg Keeble
Greg Keeble says a new flag should integrate the old and the new, showing New Zealand's transition from British colony to an independent South Pacific nation.
Nitin Butaney
Nitin Butaney suggests this design as a potential replacement.
Karthik Raman
Karthik Raman sent in this selection of designs.
Jaron said any New Zealand flag design "just needs to say we’re progressive, we’re all Kiwis and proud".
Janis Barbour said her flag incorporated the two flags we already have - one symbolising British history, the other symbolising Maori culture.
Flag design
Craig said he thought it was a good idea to ditch the colonial flag. Instead he's proposing a design that includes two New Zealand icons, with the Southern Cross as a link to the old flag.
Simply New Zealand
Justin said: "White represents Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, green for our wonderful green pastures, rolling hills and mountains, and lastly blue, for the lakes, sea and pure clean water. Simple and unique."
a innovative approach to teh New Zealand flag
Michael Smythe's design incorporates the work of New Zealand artist Gordon Walters.
He Kara - a Flag for our country
Neil said his design, He Kara Mo Aotearoa New Zealand, portrays New Zealand's location in the Southern Hemisphere, and both its natural and cultural heritage.
Luke Calder believes any new flag for New Zealand should be self explanatory and not overly 'designed'.
Damian said: "I was trying to decide which icon was more important to me as a New Zealander - the silver fern or the Southern Cross. I could not decide, so I worked on a solution to incorporate the two and came up with the Starfern."
Robert said of his design: "The flag is composed of New Zealand national colours - black, white (or silver) and red ochre. The fern is used as New Zealand's most recognisable national symbol. The proportions are based on the golden mean to give visual harmony and balance."
A flag for all
Len Wicks believes any new flag should stand out. "As a small nation we should present a modern, leading-edge design that shows our prowess in innovative thinking," he said.

New Zealanders will vote on whether or not the country needs a new flag, but not do so until after the next election.

Prime Minister John Key announced a referendum will be held during the next parliamentary term.

At a speech given today at Victoria University, Key said he would set up a cross-parliamentary working group to recommend the best way to hold a referendum, which would be held before the 2017 election.

Key said New Zealanders from outside of Parliament would also be included in a working group. Their main task would be engaging the New Zealand public in the debate.

"A flag that unites all New Zealanders should be selected by all New Zealanders. This decision is bigger than party politics," he said.

"I would like to see the referenda process completed during the next parliamentary term, so it does not intrude on the 2017 elections." Speculation had been rife a referendum would be held at the coming election on September 20.

Key said it was his belief the design of the current flag symbolised a colonial era that had passed.

"...the current flag represents the thinking by and about a young country moving from 1800s to the 1900s. A time before commercial air travel. A time when we had less of a role in the Pacific and a time before Asia registered in our consciousness," he said.

"The flag remains dominated by the Union Jack in a way that we ourselves are no longer dominated by the United Kingdom."

But he made it clear he did not see New Zealand weakening its link with the monarchy.

Key also said New Zealand could end up maintaining the status quo by the end of the process.


john key
NEW FLAG? Prime Minister John Key makes a speech announcing a referendum on a new national flag.
SILVER FERN: Marie Hasler in silver fern flag. She promoted a change to the country's flag in 2001.
SILVER FERN: Marie Hasler in a silver fern flag. She promoted a change to the country's flag in 2001.