J'ville roads get $11m boost

Johnsonville is in for a long-awaited $11 million revamp.

The plan for the ''Johnsonville triangle'' - the area around the Johnsonville shops - has long been scheduled but NZTA and the council have only just given it the green light.

It is likely the council and NZTA will pay roughly half the cost each, and will spend the next six months consulting the community of the northern Wellington suburb and coming up with final plans.

The revamp includes:

* A two-lane northbound off-ramp from State Highway 1, and  traffic lights at the intersection of Johnsonville Rd and Fraser Ave.

* New traffic lights and an electronic pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Broderick Rd and Gothic St.

* Replacing the Broderick Rd-Moorefield Rd bridge over railway lines with a new, longer bridge. This bridge will be longer and one lane wider, which will mean the railway line to Johnsonville can be double-tracked in the future.

* A path for cyclists and pedestrians to by-pass Johnsonville's two northern roundabouts.•  Waiting areas for cyclists at intersections.

* New bus stops on Johnsonville Rd and upgraded bus shelters.

* Real-time bus travel information.

* Upgrade of the intersection of Johnsonville and Broderick rds.

* Replacement of the Broderick Rd zebra crossing with an electronic crossing.

In a release today, the council said the project was expected to cost more than $11m and construction was expected to start later this year.

Council transport and urban development committee chairman Andy Foster said the work would make it easier for future commercial and residential growth.

''It will provide a range of safety and other benefits for pedestrians, cyclists, bus users and motorists, and allow for the improved bus routes planned in the area." 

Work would take two or three years, he said.

Community consultation would begin with an information session on April 8, from 3-8pm at the Johnsonville Community Centre.

The Dominion Post