Fuel leak in Wellington harbour

A possible fuel leak is being investigated in Wellington harbour after a strong smell of kerosene was reported by several members of the public.

Regional harbourmaster Mike Pryce said reports of a strong smell started coming in about 4pm today, and investigations have revealed a fuel leak near Burnham Wharf in Miramar. However, the source of the leak had not been found yet.

Cpt Pryce said it appeared to be jet kerosene rather than oil or diesel, and a light sheen could be seen on the water.

It is near NIWA research ship Tangaroa, but the ship had been ruled out as the source of the leak.

Cpt Pryce said there were large fuel storage tanks near Burnham Wharf, connected to a pipeline which went to Wellington Airport to fuel planes.

He said the pipeline is a possible source of the leak, but they would not know for sure until further work was carried out tomorrow.

Jerry Kung, who works nearby, said his whole office smelled like gasoline and he left Miramar after getting a headache.

"[It] was so bad we were getting sick at work," he said on Twitter.

The Dominion Post