Green screen moooted for Basin Reserve flyover

03:39, Mar 31 2014
basin flyover
VISUALLY APPEALING? :A green screen of trees could limit the visual impact of the Basin Reserve flyover.

The Basin Flyover needs a green screen or the quailty of the project will be compromised, a Board of Inquiry has heard.

The flyover's head urban designer Megan Wraight returned to the stand again this morning, to face questions from the four person board deciding whether or not to grant resource consent to the proposed $90 million project.

The NZ Transport Agency wants to build the westbound flyover 20 metres north of the historic Basin Reserve cricket ground.

Last week, Wraight faced criticism from members of the public who questioned how well a proposed "green screen" - a steel scaffold covered in plants that will be built between the flyover and nearby Grandstand Apartments - would help limit the visual effects of the bridge.

That matter was again raised by the board today.

Wraight said different apartment owners had different views on how helpful the screen would be, however the screen was a vital part of the design.


"It is a very important element that does really help with the scaling of the bridge and breaking that up."

Wraight also confirmed last week that pohutakawa trees designed to block the bridge from the view of cricketers would take some years to fully grow - meaning moving vehicles would be in the sightline of batters.

She was asked today whether an additional temporary screen could be installed to fill the gap while the trees grew.

She said that it could be done, but hadn't been explored yet.

Another urban designer, John Hardwick-Smith, has also returned to continue being cross examined this afternoon.