Couple open home for music festival

21:00, Feb 20 2013
Mudmusic 1
On stage: Henpicked band members Carylann Martin, left, Dean Murray, Kirsten London and Anje Glindemann.
Mudhouse Music Picnic
Travelling musicians: The Jukebox Gypsies guitarist and vocalist Paul Schreuder, left, and bass player Ross McDermott.
Mudhouse Music Picnic
Full flavoured: Malted Milk’s Greg Sayer, left, Bruce Granshaw, Anje Glindemann and Carolyn Batholomew performing.
Mudhouse Music Picnic
Dancing girls: Waikawa Beach five-year-old Olivia Fogden, centre, and Manakau’s Harriet Georgetti, 5, right.
Mudhouse Music Picnic
Poet: Foxton’s Duncan Hill recites some of his poetry between bands.
Mudhouse Music Picnic
Music appreciation: Manakau sisters Siena Vidulich, 7, and Frankie Vidulich, 9.
Mudhouse Music Picnic
Grandstand: The audience in the pig paddock.
Mudhouse Music Picnic
Crowded dancefloor: Audience members dance to the music.

A sustainable-living Manakau couple opened their home for the fourth Mudhouse Music Picnic on Sunday evening.

The name stems from Dean and Maureen Murray living in a rammed earth house, with music and picnicking the drawcard.

Well over 100 people watched Horowhenua-Kapiti bands Henpicked, Malted Milk and The Jukebox Gypsies perform on a wooden stage built by Mr Murray.

The audience sat in the pig paddock and old carpet was rolled out over the grass as the dancefloor.

''It's great - but it's still a pig paddock - although I move the pigs out on the day,'' Mr Murray said.

The backyard stone pizza oven and barbecue were fired up, and available for use.

Mr Murray said these were in the far corner to the ''relatively nice'' composting toilet.

He said this was the fourth music picnic they have hosted, with the original idea coming from an ''old musician buddy'', who initially suggested building the stage and, later, holding concerts.

''Thank goodness he did, because it's been great.''
Mr Murray said the next picnic is planned for Sunday, March 17.


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