READERS' CHOICE: Vote for your favourite contestant

00:01, Nov 02 2012
Gemma Van Baarle
Gemma Van Baarle, Miss Hutt News, Miss Hutt Valley section.
Katie Rex
Katie Rex, Miss Upper Hutt Cossie Club, Miss Hutt Valley section.
Kelsey Odell
Kelsey Odell, Miss Roofing Products, Miss Hutt Valley.
Kendell Odell
Kendell Baker, Miss Diva Beauty, Miss Hutt Valley.
Natalie Rachael
Natalie Rachael, Miss King Toyota, Miss Hutt Valley.
Kiana Thompson
Kiana Thompson, Miss Valentines Restaurant, Miss Hutt Valley.
Cindy Leigh Devitt
Cindy Leigh Devitt, Miss Murphy's Law, Miss Hutt Valley.
Selesitina Alesana Ta’afi
Selesitina Alesana Ta’afi, Miss XPAL Ltd, Miss Hutt Valley.
Alice Mills
Alice Mills, Miss Brenda's Boutique, Miss Teen Hutt Valley.
Anii Taiapa
Anii Taiapa, Miss Ataahua's Beauty Spa, Miss Teen Hutt Valley.
Carline Rex
Carline Rex, Miss Emotif Photography, Miss Teen Hutt Valley.
Georgia Rider
Georgia Rider, Miss Ardmore Project Services, Miss Teen Hutt Valley.
Samantha Rider
Samantha Rider, Miss City Fitness Petone, Miss Teen Hutt Valley.

Vote for your favourite Miss Hutt Valley or Miss Teen Hutt Valley contestant.

One vote per email address per day, but you can vote everyday if you like.

Every vote will go into the draw to win two tickets to the Finals Evening at the Upper Hutt Cossie Club, 6pm on November 18.

Tickets are for sale at the Upper Hutt Cossie Club, telephone 529 0009.

Email with the your choice of contestant. Please include your name and phone number,
Voting closes 3pm, Wednesday, November 14.


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