Petition for track dogs

19:57, Feb 27 2013
Bite on industry: Green MP Mojo Mathers with a retired greyhound at the petition presentation.

Greyhound welfare advocates have called on the Government to step in and investigate the welfare of greyhounds in the racing industry.

Green Party MP Mojo Mathers accepted a petition from Greyhound Protection League of New Zealand spokesman Aaron Cross on Wednesday at Parliament.

Mr Cross said according to industry records there ought to be 17,000 greyhounds in New Zealand, but council dog registrations only show 3000.

"The rest are either being euthanased en-masse or just not being registered," he said.

The Greyhound Protection League launched an online petition in December asking MPs to back the group's call for an independent inquiry and reached its goal of 1500 signatures, representing the number of greyhounds introduced to the racing industry annually. Only a little more than 10 per cent of that number is re-homed annually, he said.

Accepting the petition, Ms Mathers said hundreds of dogs were being euthanased early for an activity based on entertainment and gambling.

An independent investigation was needed, she said.

She said she would convey the petition to a select committee for consideration.

Mr Cross, of Wellington, has adopted two greyhounds, 7-year-old Pax and 3-year-old Sally.


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