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Driven to restore Daimlers

An obsession with old British cars lead to an Upper Hutt man restoring two Daimler saloons.

Couple hurt in hit-and-run

The culprits behind a hit-and-run could walk away scot-free after leaving a fit middle-aged woman with serious injuries.

Former prisoners help teens carve out future

Two former prisoners have created a woodworking art studio to encourage troubled teenagers to cut crime.

Rawiri: How he went from 8XL to 3XL

A healthy change in lifestyle has seen Rawiri Nathan's shirt size shrink and his happiness soar.

Dashcam films dangerous sunroof ride in Lower Hutt

A video showing three youths hanging out of the sunroof of a car on a dangerous Lower Hutt road has gone viral.

Councils clash over 'mistruths' in ad

The relationship between the Hutt City Council and its regional counterpart has turned sour.

Town hall plan changes hike price

The cost of the proposed Lower Hutt events centre and town hall upgrade is rising fast.

MPI reveals pest hotline details

Decomposing tree frog and parasitic wasps travelled to our supermarkets on bananas from Ecuador.

Leggy insect invaders swarm in

Pest control professionals predict a busy summer for white-tailed spiders and Asian paper wasps.

Maori health providers review by DHB 'racist'

Planned review of Maori health providers has been labelled as racist and sparked calls for autonomy.

Cost of decile change too high

One under-privileged Hutt Valley primary school will gain $27,000 while another will lose $80,000 a year after changes to decile ratings.

Petone burglars tracked down using Facebook


Police were too busy to attend a burglary in the early hours of this morning.  So a Petone business owner got on Facebook to track down the alleged offenders himself.

Brooke Fraser's homecoming

Brooke Fraser achieved her biggest international success with Flags in 2010, but it left her feeling creatively stale and "a little bit too comfortable".

An appointment with walk-in health clinic

A Hutt Valley medical centre is planning "walk in" clinics.

Melling Bridge replacement likely

There are plans to replace Melling bridge within a decade.

The man who wears a frock

Dressing in dresses on stage

Actor Gavin Rutherford began the year in a frock, ascended to the heights of tragic drama and slipped into yet another dress to see the year out.

Beer makes DIY more pallet-able

An event built on the Kiwi traditions of DIY and drinking beer is finding plenty of takers.

The man who wears a frock


Actor Gavin Rutherford began this year in a frock, ascended to the heights of tragic drama and slipped into yet another dress to see the year out.

Schoolyard bruises costly

Schoolyard accidents in the Hutt Valley cost ACC nearly $750,000 in payouts last year.

Fireworks safety issue sparks up again


Hutt City Council is urging people to be safe with their fireworks celebrations tonight and to remember the liquor ban areas.

No pooh-poohing being well-prepared

Matt King

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go . . . but what happens if an earthquake has smashed the sewerage network?

Winter hits lower income households

power bill

Fewer Hutt Valley beneficiaries needed extra help to pay bills this winter but some went without hot water.

Mergers not so super survey shows

Super city map

A large majority of residents across the Wellington region don't want any change to council boundaries, a new survey shows.

Rates up but panelbeaters still unhappy


A local panelbeater has complained he is still out of pocket despite New Zealand's dominant insurance company increasing its payment rates.

What's left for a Wellington super city to do?


Councils cooperating to manage water, regional transport and economic development have made any local authority amalgamations pointless, according to some politicians.

Empty former state homes finally for sale

Hutt state houses for sale

Kiwi families deprived of opportunities to own homes, says Labour MP Trevor Mallard.

Dog owners warned on dead possums in Hutt River


Toxic possum carcasses poisonous to dogs may have floated down the Hutt River into Wellington Harbour.

Big plans for Seaview Marina

Seaview Marina


Work on adding 56 berths to Seaview Marina is about to get under way as part of a major development of the area.

Standing up for innovation

Cardboard desks

Kickstarter for "Refold" cardboard desks has earned $43,490 in backing, with 20 days still to go.

Bigger house vital for foster kids

House floor

Gillinghams lift the lid off century-old house to build a replica ground-floor for foster children.

Eastbourne butcher sizzling over beef sausage gold


Eastbourne butcher Barry Spooner says beef sausages are ''the every day, working men's sausage but one that everyone likes - it goes right across the socio-economic boundaries''.

LGFA directors challenged to justify their fees


The NZ Local Government Funding Agency was hailed as a ''resounding success'' at a meeting last night but Hutt councillor Max Shierlaw wants its directors' fees investigated.

Hutt council prepares to ramp up borrowing


With increased borrowing on the horizon, Hutt City Council has re-written its treasury risk management policy.

Hutt eateries put on notice

Knife and fork

More than 20 Hutt eateries have been labelled "not up to standard", but none have been forced to close.

Teen wins top lyric title

Elsie Whelan

Petone teenager Elsie Whelan won the APRA lyric award at the national Smokefreerockquest finals.

Exports spice up chippie company

Mexican chippies

Mexican corn chips made in New Zealand are spicing up the market in Japan.

Low-cost housing to replace convent


A former convent in Taita will be moved to make way for low-cost housing.

Tea time for cocktail-maker


Lorietta Bahr is hoping South American drink Yerba Mate tea will help her become a champion cocktail-maker

Getting a buzz out of school

Avalon pupils' bee video

Avalon Intermediate pupils are buzzing about their hip hop themed videos - shot from a bee's perspective.

Courthouse sentenced to demolition

Petone courthouse

WelTec plans to demolish the old quake prone Petone courthouse and turn it into a park.

Heart of the Hutt group calls for revamp revision

Heart of the Hutt

The Heart of the Hutt group is calling for action to change plans for the city centre's revamp.

19 jobs set to go as Trackside departs Avalon

Avalon Studios

Nineteen staff will be made redundant when production of the Trackside television channels shifts from Avalon.

Police candid about speed camera

Wainuiomata speed camera

Police have explained the reason for Wainuiomata Hill speed camera, after the Hutt City mayor labelled it ''a bit extreme''.

Kelson pupils sell art for sunshade


Kelson School students can boast of selling their first paintings.

Bodies turned into art



Two-legged artworks filled the Dowse Art Museum over the weekend, when human bodies became canvasses and were transformed into breathing masterpieces.

Craft brewers tapping into Petone's hospitality 'vibe'

Baylands beer

Craft beer brewing has returned to the Hutt Valley, with Baylands ramping up production in Petone.

Coro St housing for Lower Hutt?

Coro St

Terraced houses, similar to those in TV's Coronation St, could be a feature of Lower Hutt in the future.

Taking on Hutt South's big issues

Hutt candidates

Hutt South candidates talks about the biggest issues facing locals, and what they would do about them. Here are their responses:

Hutt Valley faces truancy problem

School classroom

Nearly 400 cases of children in the Hutt Valley who have stopped attending school have been investigated.

Gabriella's home-made home


Plenty of people can only dream of their first home, but 18-year-old Gabriella Williment has built hers, and it's on wheels.
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