MKR update - it's getting exciting...

Last updated 15:03 26/09/2012

I have just learned that MKR ended months ago in Australia and people know who the winner is, and what's more - they were going to tell. 

Nooooooo...for the love of Pete, keep that information under lock and key people.  If I find out who wins this now, my Monday and Tuesday nights will be rubbish, this is the highlight of my week.  What does this say about me?  I need to get out more?  Perhaps, I don't know but I just love MKR.  I am going to be gutted when it does finish, but I have no doubt there will be another equally exciting foody show to go on with.

I am especially happy as the two couples I couldn't stand have gone.  My next target is the Professional Princess, whatever the hell that means.  Actually what does that mean?  Does it mean she is precious person, is she actually a Princess...hmm, I am puzzled about that one.   I would like to see her gone next. 

Clearly, I am aiming for a New Zealand (Meg and Simon, picture)  win, but after last night, hmmm not liking our chances.  They didn't do too well with their couscous.  Come on guys....get stuck in there.

My Kitchen Rules

Anyway, has anyone had a go at any of their recipes?  I am interested in what you think of them.  I am itching to have a go at that fabulous dessert the boys made with the gold leaf and coffee and cake and yum.

We didn't have that last night for dinner but I did make a particularly yummy naan bread and beautiful, creamy pasta and steak cooked medium rare and al fresco on the cast iron grill to get that nice slightly charcoal taste.   It was so nice being able to cook outside too, especially steak as I tend to cook it on quite a high heat and lots of smoke.  Not a great thing to do indoors with no vent to the outside except through a window, and an open door.

My lovely friend Angela and I are going out to a Japanese open day on Sunday.  I have no idea where it is or what I will see but I am really hoping they will have some sort of tea ceremony or some information or classes on cooking, food, something along those lines.  I will report back to you if they do.  It will be a nice day out too, hanging with a mate...always good.

I am going to try and remember to give you a tip of the week.  Now, no doubt a lot of people will already know this stuff but as was pointed out to me, not everyone does so go for it.  Tip number 1.  If you get eggshell in your eggs, use the shell to fish it out.  For some reason it doesn't run away from the shell the way it does from a spoon or your (clean) finger!!  Try it; you will be pleasantly surprised by this seemingly simple little tip.

No. 2 son is now living in yay.  I now have a reason to visit there.  I have been to Melbourne and just loved it there with the cafes, restaurants etc.  It's like Wellington's sister city in many ways.  Been to Brissy of course, who hasn't?  Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Noosa, etc but never to Sydney.  I am itching to get there and try out their cafe scene, but I bet it's not a patch on Wellington.  I believe there is a really flash Harry seafood restaurant there...wouldn't mind having bit of a nosh-up there either. 

Okay, so not the most scintillating little blog this week but as always, your comments are welcome.  If there is something you would like me to write about or talk about, let me know.  I am always open to suggestions.


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