Kitchens, cleaning, chickens and all that jazz

Last updated 09:13 03/10/2012

My kitchen's a mess.   You know when the oven needs cleaning, the cupboard facings are grubby from messy fingers, the utensil and junk drawers desperately need a clean, the walls need a clean but there is absolutely no motivation to clean - none, nada, zero, nix whatsoever. 

I am seeking motivation. I am trying to find a way to want to clean it...not just have to.  It's a thankless, horrible, dirty, messy, long, hard job.  But, it's gotta be done.

When the sun shone through the window, yes, I said sun, the marks on the oven door were shameful to say the least.  Has it really been than long since I cleaned it?  These things tend to get a little neglected over the winter months but now the sun is showing my dirty little secrets.  And, I think I have just found a way to get the oven done at the very least.  It's called 'husband'. 

Husband just got a new (old) car he has fallen in love with soooo, he gets the car, I get my oven cleaned.  Tada, that was easy. 

Okay, now for the cupboard facings and walls.  No. 2 son....hmm, he wants a new pedal for his amp (I think that's what he said)...or a contribution towards his next tattoo (I know, I know but hey it's his body and it's not hurting anyone,) but my cupboards need cleaning plus he's tall and can reach).  I am not averse to bribery, quite the opposite in fact.  I reckon $20 should cover that (there are a lot of them).  Done, ooh I sounded very Gordon Ramsay there.

Now, those drawers...girlfriend of no. 2 son is so lovely I bet she would do it for nothing...or maybe I could shout her a new nail polish, or tights...yes, that will do nicely.

Now what was next, oh yes the floor?  Hmm, that might have to fall to 1 son is living in Sydney it's a bit far to come to help his poor old mother (ahem)....oh all right, I'll do the floors.

Windows, inside and out after being shut up all winter need to be shined and shimmied...husband on the outside, professionals on the inside.  Nah, just kidding...I will do the inside windows. 

By the time we are done it will be the shiniest, cleanest kitchen in all the land, for about 2 days.  But when you are cooking and creating, you can't help but make a bit of's in the nature of the doing n'est-ce pas?

All kidding aside, kitchens are a place we should keep very clean.  It's just too easy to pick up a nasty bug from old food left out or raw meat left on counters.  Make sure you keep your dish cloth really clean.  I am a huge fan of bleach...soak that stinky ol' cloth in bleach for 20 minutes; you won't have a problem with germs. 

My four Mrs Browns (chickens) came to visit me over the weekend.  Well, technically they aren't my chickens.  The neighbours do house them, feed them, look after them and all that, but I suppose you could say I am like a foster-parent. 

They are all fat and plump and probably laying like crazy now, a shame I don't get any. Why can't they lay a sneaky few in my yard? 

They are so friendly, there is one who is always a bit timid and cautious but the others let me pet them and pick them up. They hear me at the clothes line and come running through the hedge. 

A chicken running is a very funny thing to watch.  The only non-funny thing about them is where they poop....absolutely anywhere they want to including the steps leading up to the doors.  Go poop in the garden girls, it's great fertilizer. 

They haven't tried venturing in the cat door yet, they don't need to.  Oh no, they just march right in the front or back door and help themselves to Piggy's biscuits...honestly, the cheek.  I don't mind really, I think it's quite funny to watch them. 

Sometimes it's just about sitting back and enjoying the more gentle and humorous things in our lives.  Take a break, smell the roses, watch the chickens.  Enjoy.

- Kapi-Mana News


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