Crayfish, jelly worms and the end of MKR

Last updated 09:54 18/10/2012

A lovely friend of ours gave us two crayfish and he even cooked it for us, to perfection I might add. So for dinner tonight we are going to enjoy a tail each (they would be just minimum size so not huge) and I want to do justice to the scarcity (for us anyway) of the crayfish and the fact that it is a real delicacy. 

crayfish_tailsCrayfish is sweet and quite delicate so I need to be careful what I put with it.  I don't want big flavours overpowering the crayfish so have decided to go with a nice homemade lime mayo with just the barest hint of garlic.  I cut a clove of garlic in half and rub that around the bowl I make the mayo in.  It gives it a very subtle hint of garlic which works so well. 

Next is a lovely fresh salad with very finely sliced red onion, radish, celery and rocket (I love rocket with that beautiful peppery taste, works great with radishes) with a little very finely sliced red cabbage. The dressing will be the lime and garlic mayo.

Next is baby new potatoes cooked so they still have that little bit of resistance, red potatoes are great for this because they are waxy and have that lovely firmness.  Once cooked, I toss them in a little parsley, butter and chives.

This sounds like a very simple meal but it is quite rich with the crayfish, and the salad is nice and light and peppery without being overbearing, and the potatoes are just yum!!  Accompanied by a lightly chilled pinot gris, I do believe this will hit the spot quite nicely.

Well, Halloween is rapidly approaching (October 31st) and we are having a few friends around for a bit of a knees-up so I have been trolling websites and magazines for party food.

jello_wormsMost of it seems to be sweet food so am going to have to be a bit inventive. One thing I am very excited about making is worms.  Seriously, they look so like worms, it's disgusting, only they are made with jelly. Gruesome grub eh? And witches fingers, just have to have those.  I especially like the ideas of cooking the nails with almonds so they go kind of wrinkled and brown, and then removing them and putting red jelly under it then replace the nail.  It then looks like blood oozing out from under the nail, awesome!!  I guess you can kind of tell I love this sort of thing. 

If anyone has any grusome recipes for Halloween, savoury ones please, I am keen to hear from you. I have enough sweet treats, need something a bit more savoury and is Halloween after all.

As for the end of MKR... what am I going to do now?

I am gutted it's all over, the end of MKR and  I was surprised at the result. I really thought the boys would take it out, but it wasn't to be. It just seems odd that given the girls made two errors; one being their first course was a touch underwhelming and the other that they completely left the chocolate off the pudding, they still managed to score 10s!! 

Hmm, oh well the end result is non-negotiable so we just have to live with that but I still feel the boys had the edge and should have won, just sayin'!

I believe that next year they should leave the Kiwis out. We were never going to win when pitted against Australian teams, in Australia, judged by Australians. It was a lose-lose from the start.  I think we should let Aussie have their show, and we'll have ours, and leave it at that.

- Kapi-Mana News


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