Goodbye Halloween - hello Guy Fawkes and Christmas

Last updated 14:37 02/11/2012

With Halloween behind us, we can look forward to Guy Fawkes on the 5th November, and then of course Christmas a few weeks after that - 7 actually and I have bought precisely three gifts!!  Oh dear.

We had a Halloween party this year.  We decided it's been a while since we decorated the garden and house and got friends together for a bit of a knees-up.  It was such a fun night and I hope everyone had as much fun as we did.  I was 'Pretty Trashed'...a different take on a rubbish bag for my outfit.  Funny though, I needed trash to cover my bag and we had emptied it all so as to have a "clean" house to start the evening.  I thought to myself, now where could I find rubbish and sure enough, No. 2 son's bedroom was a decorators dream.  Before long I had an old pizza box, empty flavoured milk drink container, paper, tissues (un-used), a can, ice cream lid and much more to apply to my outfit. 

My lovely sister Kim helped me decorate the house and it took hours...literally.  We worked on the Friday until midnight and then again pretty much all day Saturday.  But it was worth it.  The gardens looked like a graveyard and we had lanterns and candle bags and glowing pumpkins...even someone hanging about in the kowhai tree (not to everyone's taste I have to admit).

The inside looked great...all blacked out with coffins and skeletons and dark lighting...loved it.  We agreed to leave the bulk of it up until Halloween proper had passed - just in case any children came door knocking.

Food for the event was unfortunately not as great as I had hoped - and that was my fault.  I got so caught up in the decorating that my jelly worms and witches fingers never got made.  I did manage to make the mummy sausages but the rest was a bit of a cheat's meal I am ashamed to say.

The sausages were easy, I used cheese kranskies as they are already cooked, and just wrapped a strip of filo pastry around them (two layers) and just left a little bit unwrapped near the top to look like the eyes peeking out.   The witch's fingers, I promise to make next time, are really just a type of shortbread shaped like fingers with almonds for fingernails.  Once cooked, pop the nail off and put some red food gel or icing where the nail goes, pop it back and voila, bloody fingernails, spooktacular!!

One thing my husband insisted on was cheerios...the sausage kind, not the cereal.  He loves them and complains constantly that the only time he ever gets them is at his granddaughter's birthday parties.  So, to keep the man happy, we had a bowl of cheerios with tomato sauce - a culinary masterpiece it was not but they got snapped up.

Kim made the loveliest little pumpkin and pecan pies.  They were sweet without being cloying and who doesn't love a pecan?  Kiwis are a bit nervous about eating sweet pumpkin I have noticed.  If I said it was a pecan pie, people didn't hesitate to eat one.  If I said it was a pumpkin and pecan, I got a lot of "ah, no thanks".  Interesting.

One of No. 2 son's young mates came over to tell me that he is now a student at that first class cooking school Le Cordon Bleu in Wellington.  He managed to obtain a scholarship and loves being there.  He has promised to bring recipes over for me to try and is going to give me some hints and tips. So, so pleased for him, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn to cook with Michelin star chefs and have a qualification that is respected and recognised internationally.  So jealous..oooh maybe he can score me an apron!! 

Next up Al Brown's latest recipe book.  I will have a good read and try a couple of recipes and report back. 

- Kapi-Mana News


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