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Last updated 16:43 19/11/2012

Boldly warming!

Crafts, once the domain of Nana and other blue rinsed dames of her ilk, has had something of a hipster/geekster boost in recent years.

From stitch-and-bitch sessions to pub knitting circles (no, really), ye olde tradition of making stuff is not just what you do when no one wants to hang round with you becuase you smell like lavender soap and moth balls.

It's hip, it's cool and, to be honest, if you're as cheap like me, it's a really inexpensive way to get your Christmas list in some resemblance of order while still foisting your passions on your friends and family. Win-win, friends!

It may seem a little early to get in on the Chrismakkah (That's a combination Christmas and Hanukkah. I'm totes inclusive, doncha know) thing, but if you're going to make stuff to give folks, you'll need the extra time. 

I've factored in a good week of procrastination and a couple of extra days for botching the whole thing and having to start from scratch - that's how I roll.

Right, you're going to make your gifts because you are cool and hip and you own a pair of pinking shears. So what should you make?  It's not al lace doilies and toilet roll cosies - although it can be if you want! I won't judge you, you big goof ball.

These days crafting is about getting creative with the stuff you love. So, how about a nice piece of freaky skull lace for one of your mates? Or what about cup holders from space?  Or a Muppets inspired elf doll for Aunty? Or maybe a sweary wall hanging for Gramps.  You know how he loves f-bombs!

Maybe you're cooler than that even?  Try back-engineering your stink old bike helmet into a droid. It can and has been done.

Star Wars crafts are a big deal in certain geek circles. Uber Geek Bonnie Burton, formerly of LucasArts, wrote and entire book on crafting your way through the Star Wars universe. You can now spend as much time making stuff from the films as you've spent watching them over and over and over (Some would say obsessively, but I say perfectly reasonably, Mum. Jeeze, get off my back.)

Anyway, if you don't want to get too carried away (turning your back yard into Tattooine might seem like a great idea to begin with, but the sand just ends up getting everywhere) start a little smaller.  Zap yourself up some cool comic book style decals - they make sweet brooches, but also I like to carry some round to throw at people when they annoy the crap out of me. "ZAP! POW!"

Finally, crafts don't have to last for ever.  In fact some of my favourite crafts last only as long as it takes to stuff them in my mouth. OM NOM NOM NOM. From Wookie Cookies to Dexter's Very Own Cupcakes, baked stuff is always welcome at Seasonal Over-indulgence Time. 

So, you think you're up to the crafty challenge?  have you got any ideas for what you'd like to make? Post your best crafty attempts below and the best ones will get posted on The Assassination facebook page.

- Kapi-Mana News


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