Society to blame for 'accidents'

Last updated 12:02 11/10/2012

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I am sure that I am not unusual in feeling the shock and sadness at the recent losses of our young people as they were a part of our community family.

It is so unusual, however, to be thinking "well, what else can we expect?" .

Is alcohol to blame? Weapons? Boredom?

Could the terrible events actually be little to do with the police or any of those things?

Why the boredom anyway? What happened to homework, study, enjoying our beautiful beach and hills, sport, helping someone less fortunate, joining a church youth group, chores around the house?

Is it possible that as long as society continues in a way which seems to embrace disrespect for life, a loss of compassion, lack of morals, anti-police attitudes and lack of sound parenting, that these "accidents" will continue? How about the idea that "it's not my fault"? or "my rights are more important than anything"?

What happened to personal pride and responsibility?

Should I be packing a knife along with my lipstick? Should I vandalise something if I am bored? Kill someone if they look at me strangely?

Liz Stachnik


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