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Hermit made way for coastal tour

Queens Drive

Queens Dr is a picturesque road, starting near the heart of Kilbirnie and spilling out onto the edge of Cook Strait.

Playing politics at Bats

PSA at Bats

Winston's back, Colin's throwing a tantrum and Paula's on the prowl.

Shed 6 surpasses expectations

shed 6

Never mind the Town Hall closure, Wellington is still open for conferences.

ParrotDog wins again

Brewery's most successful NZ awards yet


ParrotDog was the only Wellington brewery to win a trophy at this year's New Zealand beer awards.

War museum could be short-lived

Dominion Museum

The former Dominion Museum is set to be converted to an army museum, but the facility may last for just four years.

Seawall plans halted


Plans to fix a shattered South Coast seawall are on hold because the council fears another battle with residents.

Street with a political heart

Bowen St

Thorndon's Bowen St literally cuts right through the heart of Wellington's political beast.

Conscientious objectors

Remember those who spoke out against WWI

WW1 objector strap

Relatives of World War I objectors are being asked to share their ancestors' stories.

Long journey from fuel to film


Miramar's film industry has exploded from an area that was once a gas and oil hub.

Creche's next move not decided

Home of Compassion Creche

The historic creche on Buckle St has reached its final resting place, but what it will be used for remains a mystery.

Ballet between sheets

Ballet Strap

It's sexy, half-naked, mattress-using ballet and it's coming to Wellington this weekend.

A beery happy birthday

Putting on some kegs

Malthouse 21

Beloved Wellington beer bar The Malthouse comes of age next week - and they're cracking a few kegs to celebrate.

A life of food and travel

Sarah Meikle

Wellington on a Plate organiser Sarah Meikle talks about working in the Middle East, organising food festivals and eating steak in Brazil.

Planned cycle routes attract criticism

Cycleway, cycling, lane

A citizens' advisory panel has recommended the wrong cycleway options for Newtown, some locals say.

Santa's coming to town


Deck the halls and skip the malls because Christmas is coming back to the golden mile.

Council won't target strong beer

alcohol generic

Wellingtonians who like strong craft beer can breathe a sigh of relief - the city council isn't clamping down on beer festivals, stronger beers or single bottle sales any time soon.

Willis St's century of traffic woes

Willis St

Willis St's traffic woes date back nearly as far at the road itself.

San Fran back in style

In it for the long haul

San Fran bar

The new San Fran is determined not to be the next to go, after the closure of Puppies and Mighty Mighty.

Kicking up stink about track waste

Colin Tofts

Concern is growing over mountainbike tack users defecating on nearby paths and road.

The artery of Kelburn

Upland Rd

Stretching from the Botanic Gardens to the end of the Kelburn viaduct, Upland Road is Kelburn's main artery.

Film Festival ticket sales up

film festival

Ticket sales for this year's International Film Festival are up on previous years.

Wellington RSAs in decline

RSA Ron Turner

The Wellington Returned and Services Association is in danger of perishing along with its members.

50 years of intensive care

Wellington ICU

The 1950s polio epidemic created demand for specialist care, which led to the opening of intensive care units.

A site full of shipping disasters

Breaker Bay Rd

The beautiful - and sometimes lethal - western side of the entrance to Wellington Harbour has been home to a hardy community for more than a century.

Diving into an artistic career


It's not your typical romance - meeting your future wife while photographing a shark giving birth in the Bahamas.

Ian McKinnon: Town and gown

Ian McKinnon

Former deputy mayor Ian McKinnon about having Prince Edward on staff, the differences between Celia Wade- Brown and Kerry Prendergast and why students haven't changed.

Still a party girl, but without wine

Lotta Dann

Mother-of-three Lotta Dann thought she was alone when she started an anonymous blog to control her drinking habit

Caught short round the bay

Public Toilet sign

There's a call to install public toilets in Break Bay because visitors to the area are being caught short.

Where miscreants were whacked

Ganges Rd

TALIA CARLISLE - The Wellingtonian

Khandallah town centre is similar to a traditional English village with a church at one end and a pub at the other.

Film festival dishes up treats

Dark Horse

KYLIE KLEIN NIXON - The Wellingtonian

We look at a selection of films on offer in the New Zealand International Film Festival.

The story behind your coffee price

Flight Coffee

With debate raging about the price of coffee, Flight Coffee and Raglan Roast talk about what you get for your money.

Retailers rally against cycle lanes

Jimi Meager

Newtown will crumble if cycle lanes replace car parks in the shopping centre, retailers say.

Tiny balls making a big mess

Pastic nurdle balls

Tiny plastic balls used in plastics manufacturing are fouling up Wellington's Evans Bay beach.

The beating heart of Karori

Karori Rd

HANNAH LEE - The Wellingtonian

Karori's main road has been the artery keeping the suburb's heart beating for the best part of two centuries.

Fisher eyeing medals in California

Mary Fisher

Mary Fisher is hoping to beat her own world record times when she competes at the Pan Pacific championships.

Lights, shadows and fairytales

The road that wasn't there

A town that existed only on a map was the inspiration for a tale about streets and towns that may or may not be real.

Fitchett family legacy lives on in Brooklyn

Ashton Fitchett

The Fitchett family owned part of Brooklyn for many years and their legacy lives on in the suburb's street names.

Kainga hoping for Canes spot

Mike Kainga

Mike Kainga is training hard in case he is called on for the Hurricane's critical Super Rugby clash with the Crusaders.

Brewing up international recognition

Jos Ruffell

Wellington brewery Garage Project is bracing itself for a stampede after winning a silver medal at the World Beer Cup.

A road most travelled

Ngauranga Gorge

Ngauranga Gorge Rd is perhaps the most important road in Wellington - it's certainly one of the busiest.

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