Underpass v flyover: The public weighs in

More than 2000 Wellingtonians have had their say on mapping out plans for the transport route near the Basin Reserve.

Information released under the Official Information Act reveals that the NZ Transport Agency received 2121 public submissions on proposals for the area.

The agency has announced its preferred options. Both involve flyovers – a $75 million option 20 metres north of the Basin Reserve, and a $90m option about 65 metres north.

In July the Architecture Centre proposed Option X, which included trenching Buckle St and was budgeted to cost up to $165m.

Of the submissions made, 1248 commented on Option A, 1159 on Option B, 1134 commented on both options, 935 commented on alternatives to options A and B, and 492 on Option X.

State highways manager Rod James said Option X would be considered alongside the other feedback received.

"We are grateful to Wellingtonians for taking the time to give us their feedback," said Mr James.

However, he said the agency did not favour Option X in its present form.

"It has some fundamental problems related to safety, affordability, and how it would work in practice."

Mr James said trenching Buckle St was too expensive at the moment, but Options A and B would allow for the possibility of a tunnel being built in the future.

A Wellington City Council report, released this week, favours Option A, the cheaper of two proposed flyovers option, but calls for improvements to the design.

Mr James said the agency would work with the city and regional councils to develop plans for the area.

Next year, the agency will publish a report summarising feedback, along with its decision about the route.

The Wellingtonian