Tawa residents right neighbourly

00:16, Mar 27 2012
Tawa neighbours
Team Tawa: Brasenose Place residents Breanna Kennedy, 15, left, Michael Fahey, 12, and Rosie Fahey, 12, enjoy toasting marshmallows together at their street barbecue.

Tawa residents got right into Neighbour's Day, hosting more gatherings than any other suburb in Wellington.

Malcolm Sparrow, Tawa Community Board chairman and Neighbours' Day Tawa organiser, said there were more than 50 neighbourhood lunches, barbecues and potluck dinners around the suburb during last weekend.

A Wellington City Council register showed Tawa was the suburb with the most gatherings.

"We're very encouraged by the number of local people from different walks of life who have come on board and taken this opportunity to organise some sort of get-together with their neighbours," Mr Sparrow said.

"It's nice for neighbours to know who people are, or meet people they haven't spoken to before." Mr Sparrow said there was a need to build a strong community before one was needed.

"The first respondents in a civil emergency are your neighbours."


In his street, Brasenose Pl, residents got together for a barbecue and dessert on Sunday evening.

Resident Helen Challands said those in the street had exchanged phone numbers and emails.

In Colonial Gr, people in the tight-knit street of 13 houses already mostly knew each other, but their party on Sunday night drew people from surrounding streets.

Sue Williams, who lives nearby, said it was a good idea to do a neighbourhood night to know who could help in an emergency.

Elaine Harvey, who has been there 17 years, said residents looked out for each other.

Residents had already talked about what they would do in a civil emergency and felt prepared: "Help yourselves and your neighbours first."

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