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23:47, Mar 19 2013
Ekers cartoon 5
The minimum wage has been increased.
Ekers cartoon
More on the Kim Dotcom saga.
Ekers Cartoon 11
Dought hits the North Island.
Ekers Cartoon 14
Judges let off about 50 people a year off drink driving charges.
Ekers Cartoon
According to National there are 5000 people on benefits.
Ekers Cartoon 19
Peter Dunne's plan to introduce a fringe benefit tax for central Auckland and central Wellington business car parks did not go down well with businesses, the unions or the public.
Ekers Cartoon 22
The Black Caps are capable of winning, it appears.

Wellingtonian cartoonist Paul Ekers has turned his eye to everything from the car park tax to the New Zealand cricket team's winning ways.

Here is a selection of his cartoons.


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