Readers photos: Self-portraits

02:11, Feb 22 2013
WGN portrait
Carol Thomas a rainy day in the Australian National Art Gallery gardens, reflected in a Flugelman stainless steel sculpture.
WGN portrait
Eva Kaprinay's clever shot of herself in the mirror.
WGN portrait Vanessa
Vanessa Thomas-Harding with her husband Mark on a sunny day in Wellington.
WGN portrait Vanessa 2
Vanessa Thomas-Harding and husband Mark show their support for the All Blacks.
WGN Portrait Vivienne Apperley
Vivienne Apperley used thermo-photography for this shot.
WGN portrait Carol 2
Carol Thomas captures her elongated shadow with beanie; early morning on frosty ground.

Self-portraits was a chance for readers to turn the camera on themselves.

Check out the gallery.

Each week we will set a theme and publish some of your photos on our website, The winner will receive an Event Cinemas double pass and will be eligible for the Grand Prize - having their photo printed and framed by Photography by Woolf.

Some readers have sent in photos of portraits (of others, not themselves), so we will make that the next theme.

Instagram and iphone pictures are more than welcome. And don't forget, we're happy for you to get creative with photo-editing software.

Submit photos by February 28. Send them to photo@the or post them on our Facebook page with y


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