Hiccups, stumbles, and wrong turns

Last updated 10:16 29/05/2012

Allow myself to introduce ... myself. Oh, and Nathan - my plus one.

Introducing Amelia and Nathan

In quick explanation of the blog's title: I have borrowed this line from The Beatles, who sang that "There are places I remember all my life, though some have changed. Some forever, not for better, some have gone and some remain."

As Nathan and I head off on our six-month adventure across the United States and Europe, there are bound to be hiccups and stumbles, but, undoubtedly, each one will be memorable.

Take our first American driving experience - I will never forget the West St and West Katella Ave intersection in LA, where our follow-the-leader strategy for figuring out the road rules failed us. As the car in front pulled a sharp U-turn, we were left stranded looking at several rows of oncoming cars.

Another exciting moment happened during our journey north toward San Francisco, when a wrong off-ramp turn led us into an East LA suburb called Boyle Heights. We moseyed around the area for a while - driving up and down the apparently deserted streets, stopping to look at a map, jumping out and taking a couple of photos, before eventually finding our way back to the freeway. A quick Google search later told us that Boyle Heights was in fact one of LA's more dangerous suburbs. A little more internet hunting revealed that two people were shot in their car there earlier in the day.

Clearly, we are still finding our feet over here.

Before leaving we received a lot of advice as we planned our trip - though perhaps not enough. What is the best piece of advice to offer novice travellers? We're keen for some.

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PB   #1   11:03 am May 29 2012

Good luck, but a bit of advice, please don't let this blog turn into that one those guys did late last year. It was poorly written and only included stories about getting drunk. It had so much potiental but wasn't done right.

I look forward to reading your adventures :)

Graham Brown   #2   12:22 pm May 29 2012


I can relate to the experiences you are having.Basically the same things happened to us on a family holiday back in the year 2000.

Keep the blogs coming!

JR   #3   12:35 pm May 29 2012

Best advice while travelling in the US: look left before crossing the road. And if there's nothing coming, you're probably lookng the wrong way.

Johan   #4   01:20 pm May 29 2012

Best advice:

Always have small notes available when it comes time to bribe the cops/govt officials or pay the 'local tax' as they don't give change.

PB #1 It was a blog by 4 young guys travelling around the world. It wasn't a blog by a group of guilt ridden save the world middle class white labour voters.

El Jorge   #5   01:49 pm May 29 2012

Best advice:

Ignore any advice or comments from PB#1

Christy   #6   01:59 pm May 29 2012

Huh, I think you should totally get drunk and write about it. It would be hilarious. PS Please don't get shot in LA. Although, I suppose, if you did, at least everyone would assume you had been some kind of gang boss or drug dealer or similar which would be more awesome than that you just took a wrong turn in the hire car.

Penny   #7   02:29 pm May 29 2012

Have decided, on your smush-nose photo alone, that this is my new favourite blog. Best advice: most holidays are enjoyed in hindsight.

Jellybean   #8   03:20 pm May 29 2012

Your Boyle Heights incident reminded me of one night in New York.

My two female friends and I (also female) visited Ground Zero at night and decided to walk all the way around the site, only to find that the last block was a very seedy area. It was deserted but for a few scary looking blokes that followed us for a bit and then backed off.

We were very lucky not to have been attacked. But the rest of our USA trip went well.

Best of luck to you with your travels.

Cat   #9   03:49 pm May 29 2012

Make sure you keep small change on you in Europe to use for the bathroom. Also, whenever you can, use the McDonalds bathrooms, are usually the most clean ones you can find in a town/city

RJ   #10   04:03 pm May 29 2012

Enjoy your travels. Watch out for those on-coming vehicles! I look forward to reading more about mishaps, mayhem and wrong turns. Hopefully you'll experience more right turns (or should that be left turns) than wrong ones.

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