Kisses from camels

Last updated 10:48 12/12/2012

Last Tuesday the Kiwi BurgerFuel crew decided it would be a good day to go and visit the Camel Souk (market).

This place was incredible, there were loads of camels, of the one hump for those who were wondering.

There were all kinds of different coloured camels, white, tan, brown and black. I always thought there was only one colour!

One of the brown ones took a particular shine to me and tried to give me a peck on the cheek. [pictured]

While we were there we stumbled upon a couple of traders who were selling fresh camel milk.

Our driver drank most of it, Dan did try some and said it tasted just like normal milk. Still Andy and I were not that keen on it.

Brad at the camel market.After we had finished looking at the camels our driver asked if we would like to go and see some of the horses.

Being a horse person, I jumped at the chance. Arabian horses are one of the oldest and most popular breeds.

We managed to get into one of the stables where they kept a couple of thoroughbreds, they were very beautiful.

For the rest of the week we were working at the store. We again set a record for most burgers sold in a week.

We even surpassed the record that we had previously set the week before, only difference this time was we knew what was coming!

On Friday morning we were invited to our Kiwi friend Louise's place for a traditional Saudi breakfast.

We were treated to some of the local coffee, made from date flowers, and some very tasty bread which looked like Naan bread. We had a good chat with some of the other expats from England that had been invited as well.

We had another day off on Saturday and Samy took us out to the Riyadh gallery, which is a three-storey shopping complex, so we could have a look around and see what bargains we could find.

We got there just as Salah (prayer) started so we had to wait as all the shops closed.

After wandering around for a while we went to the clothing market which was HUGE!

There were aisles and aisles of clothes to look through and this was just the bottom floor.

Saturday was also the first of our goodbyes as we said farewell to Andy because he flew out in the early hours of Sunday. So now there are just three of us left for a week.

One more week in paradise, before it's back home for Christmas!

- The Wellingtonian


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