Strawberries, sunshine and soil

Last updated 15:29 25/10/2012

During the past week I have spent as much time as possible trolling garden centres for spring plants.

As I mentioned in my first blog I have decided to grow strawberries, potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, capsicum and beans. I also still have spinach, herbs and some cabbage growing.

Potato plants

My potatoes (left) were planted a couple of weeks ago now and are humming along. I was a little upset when I realised, despite large leafy plants growing out of one container, the potatoes are still a couple of months away from being ready.

Now thanks to some sunny weather and a long weekend I have finished my spring planting.

My strawberries (below) look particularly fine in their bright pink container.

I was a bit dubious about the strawberry planters, until I read I could plant 12 plants in the one container! Yes! A container that allows me to properly indulge in my more is more philosophy for planting (I tend to put way to many plants in the same container.)  They are the same height as some of my other tarpaulin planters, but have 8 holes in the side.

StrawberriesMy capsicums are currently in little individual pots waiting for the weather to improve before they go outside. My tomato plants are being raised from seeds by Gran. They are quite well travelled as they recently had a trip to Taupo, because they were too small to leave by themselves for a couple of weeks.

My dwarf beans and lettuce plants are planted and flourishing. I have already had to stake my beans and start to curl them up the bamboo pole.

However, one thing I soon realised during my planting was that I still didn’t have enough soil.

When I set my garden up at the beginning of winter I bought four 40 litre bags of soil. These were soon emptied, but did fill my planters.

When I started planning my spring garden I decided I was going to be more sensible about how many plants I put in each container. Therefore I needed more planters, and more soil. I have now emptied another three bags of soil and I still will need more to transplant my capsicums and to keep on mounding my second batch of potatoes.

Does any one know how long you can use the bags of soil before you have to replace them? Can you just let it rest for a couple of weeks, mix in some fertiliser and replant?

I have also decided I need to learn more about gardening.

Therefore over the next few days I am going to attend two gardening workshops and will tell you all about them next week.

- If you have any tips or questions for me, click here to email me or leave a comment below.

- The Wellingtonian


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