Moon Man predicts big quake by 2016

Moon man: Ken Ring spoke at Upper Hutt Library on Monday about his unique weather prediction techniques.
Moon man: Ken Ring spoke at Upper Hutt Library on Monday about his unique weather prediction techniques.

Controversial speaker Ken (Moon Man) Ring predicts Wellington can expect a magnitude 7 earthquake between 2013 and 2016.

Mr Ring gained widespread attention after he claimed there would be another large Christchurch earthquake in March and TV3's John Campbell apologised after yelling at him during an interview.

He visited Upper Hutt Library on Monday to speak about his weather prediction techniques and says we are due for another earthquake.

"I do expect earthquake activity exceeding 7 on the Richter to come about every 11 to 13 years, as they have done in Wellington in February 1893, August 1904, August 1917, July 1929, August 1942, May 1968 and May 1992.

"As the last in the series of above-7s was in 1992 we can reasonably expect a 7 mag between 2013 and 2016."

Mr Ring says he also believes Upper Hutt will suffer a polar blast next year.

"Yes, the pattern of these sudden severe cold winter snaps will largely cease for a few years after 2012 and come again around 2016. However, I expect one next again next winter, and some flooding in June and November (2012) for the lower North Island."

Mr Ring uses previous weather cycles for his predictions and believes big events such as floods repeat after 36 to 38 years. He also claims the moon has an influence on earthquakes and causes a tide in the air, as well as the ocean.

Mr Ring publishes an almanac predicting the weather for each year and says New Zealand's current weather is most like the middle of the 1970s and the early 1990s.

"It's not snake oil, it's not voodoo. It's just commonsense science.

"This is all over the MetService records."

He told an audience of about 40 that organisations like Niwa have no idea about weather forecasts.

"People are just saying stuff to get research funding.

"They need to get their kids to go to college.

"There's a lot of guesswork going on."

Mr Ring says he uses the same techniques that indigenous tribes have known about for years, but the ideas have been suppressed in western culture.

"All the Asian people, all the Indian people, all the Semitic tribes know about this.

"This stuff is sitting there.

"They do not want to go there because our culture still thinks the moon is some sort of evil, pagan thing."

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