Council sign judged and found lacking

23:21, Jul 02 2013
In the firing line: An incorrectly spelt Upper Hutt City Council sign to Cannon Point.

A sign promising judgment when all it led to was a tree trunk will be replaced, after a spelling error was pointed out by an eagle-eyed Upper Hutt resident.

Kelly Mann noticed that a sign to Cannon Point had been shortchanged an 'n' when she pulled her car over to take a call in Totara Park recently.

"I thought, 'Crikey, how long has that been there for?'."

When made aware of the error by the Leader, Upper Hutt City Council city infrastructure director Lachlan Wallach said the sign would be replaced with the correct spelling.

Mr Wallach said that city council signs were not made in Upper Hutt.

According to J A Kelleher's history of Upper Hutt, Cannon Point takes its name from a fallen tree trunk that resembled a cannon from the valley below. The Merriam-Webster dictionary lists canon as an accepted rule or standard of judgment, among other meanings.


Upper Hutt Leader