Return to NZ sees a troubled land

Last updated 10:23 05/12/2012

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Having recently returned to New Zealand after a long time overseas I have noticed a distinct change in the attitudes, values and morale of a lot of this country's citizens.

No longer are we happy and enjoy our lives. Having a job is a privilege and redundancies are almost daily. It seems a constant struggle just to survive.

Some thoughts on what we are up against.

God defend New Zealand from a Prime Minister more involved in elevating his profile than the standard of living of his countrymen.

God defend New Zealand from its politicians who are more concerned with their rights and privileges than doing what is right and best for their country.

God defend New Zealand from rapacious local councils that bleed you dry and don't even offer basic services in return.

God defend New Zealand from organised religion as in its name we have experienced more persecution, death and misery than from anything else.

God defend New Zealand from religious bigots who seek to impose their views on others.

God defend New Zealand from a broadcast media that nightly seeks to show us the worst of humanity as entertainment, programmes themed around violence or that degrade and humiliate its participants.

God defend New Zealand from the violent in society who are taught not to value human and other life forms.

God defend New Zealand from a judiciary that honours the perpetrators of violence and crime, but not the victims.

God defend New Zealand from our primary producers who inflate prices so the staples of a daily meal are barely affordable.

God defend New Zealand from a government that is in the pocket of big business, where the mighty dollar speaks louder than the despair of its citizens.

God defend New Zealand from the apathy of its citizens who live in a state of discontent but don't raise their voice in protest.

God defend New Zealand from its citizens who seek to divide our society for their own power. I am not European. I am not Maori. I am a New Zealander.

God defend this troubled land.

God defend New Zealand.


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- Upper Hutt Leader


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