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If it's good for Maori, it's good for NZ


WALT DICKSON - Wairarapa News

"There are lies, damn lies and statistics," wrote Mark Twain. And so the same could be said for elections: "Polls, those damn polls, and finally an actual election."

Bully-free song to open festival


PIERS FULLER - Wairarapa News

Being creative and having a conscience are two attributes that may help a Wairarapa student get their turn in the spotlight at a new Wairarapa music event.

Three-horse race in Wairarapa

Wairarapa candidates meeting

The Wairarapa electorate has become a three-horse race, and the result could be tight.

Masterton's Memorial Park gets makeover

Wairarapa is set to become the envy of provincial rugby with the development of Masterton's Memorial Park.

Wairarapa candidates step it up a notch

Wairarapa candidates meeting

Election candidates make their final push to grab the attention of voters as Wairarapa promises to be an important seat.

Real buzz over truck crash

Honey transport lands in sticky situation


A rural Carterton road was buzzing after a truck carrying beehives crashed and lost its load.

Stonehenge will echo to Zep songs


Wairarapa News

Thanks to the success of February's Pink Floyd spectacular at Stonehenge in Carterton, organisers NPL and Up With People will be doing it again next year, paying homage to one of the world's greatest rock bands - the mighty Led Zeppelin.

Beauty queen but different


PIERS FULLER - Wairarapa News

It's a cliche but this beauty queen is more than just a pretty face. In fact, one of the driving motivations for Miss Universe New Zealand contestant Louise Nelson's aspirations for pageant glory is the chance to raise the profile of her mentoring programme for young women.

Siblings stand for Maori


PIERS FULLER - Wairarapa News

Community spirit and the importance of local Maori stories passed on from their mother are key drivers behind why two Wairarapa siblings are putting their hand up these elections.

No end to this man's giving


WALT DICKSON - Wairarapa News

In a day and age where peoples' lives are busy, Craig Cooper has never given a second thought to saying yes when asked to help.

WFA's new poster boy


PIERS FULLER - Wairarapa News

It is a fair bet that Thomas Morland knows more than any other child in Wairarapa what the inside of an ambulance is like.

Carterton has got balance


PIERS FULLER - Wairarapa News

Carterton's placemaking guru proved he is more than just an ideas man when he installed a new seating area and play feature on High St recently.

Haul of stolen property uncovered in Masterton

Masterton police have uncovered what they believe to be is a significant amount of ''stolen property''.

Mt Bruce's $1.1m aviary takes flight

Aviary strap

A new $1.1 million walk-through aviary will treat visitors to a new experience at the Mount Bruce wildlife centre.

Air Chathams ready for take-off

The resumption of a Masterton-Auckland air link could take off as soon as next month.

Labour candidate walking the talk

McAnulty out to win the "old-fashioned way"


WALT DICKSON - Wairarapa News

With a 7000 majority to reel in, most punters would put long odds on Labour Party candidate Kieran McAnulty taking the Wairarapa seat from National.

Ron Mark eyes return to parliament

Ron Mark

Former NZ First MP Ron Mark in not ruling out a return to Parliament.

One-child policy proposed as geese numbers rocket


PIERS FULLER - Wairarapa News

Masterton District Council is considering a "one child" policy to deal with the Canada Geese problem at Henley Lake.

Park deer killed with arrows


PIERS FULLER - Wairarapa News

Hunting animals with a bow and arrow is not so macho when the animals are behind a fence in a public park.

Shopkeepers mad at wee issue


PIERS FULLER - Wairarapa News

The good work of Carterton retailers trying to make their main street more appealing is being undermined by piddlers in the night.

Blacks Seeds to rock new festival


The Black Seeds will be headlining a new street festival in the Wairarapa over Labour Weekend.

Wharekauhau pitching for local business


WALT DICKSON - Wairarapa News

The playground for the rich is being made accessible to the rest of us - sort of.

Masterton-Auckland air link set to resume


WALT DICKSON - Wairarapa News

A bid to resume the Masterton to Auckland airlink is gaining momentum.

Two teens killed in road crash


Two young men aged 15 and 19 died after their four-wheel-drive vehicle crashed into a tree about 2.10pm in South Wairarapa yesterday (Thursday).

$2m upgrade for Masterton sports field


Memorial Park in Masterton is to get an artificial turf and floodlights as park multi-million dollar makeover.

Carterton Med Centre celebrates revamp

Carterton med centre

Carterton Medical Centre had a grand opening as an Integrated Family Health Care Centre on Saturday. The High Street centre invited dignitaries, health professionals and various local people to the official opening where Mayor of Carterton Ron Mark cut the ribbon at the recently revamped premises.

Miracle man speaks out

Standing up for the disabled


WALT DICKSON - Wairarapa News

There is no level of humiliation that Peter Knighton has not endured.

Super City decision delayed till after election

PIERS FULLER - Wairarapa News

Wairarapa councils face a longer period of uncertainty now that a local government reorganisation proposal has been pushed back again.

Medical centre not returning to former site

Masterton Medical centre

PIERS FULLER - Wairarapa News

Masterton Medical is not moving back to its former premises on Lincoln Rd.

Sean beats odds after induced coma

Sean Robinson

Rising rugby star Sean Robinson is making a "remarkable recovery" from a serious head injury after an alleged assault.

Log-price slump could cost jobs


The bottom has dropped out of the Chinese timber market, which is seriously affecting the logging industry in Wairarapa.

Greens slam irrigation plan


The Greens are joining forces with opponents of the Wairarapa Water Use Project (WWUP) saying that a large scale irrigation project will only further degrade environmental values and it is not the best way to achieve economic growth.

Chathams airline eyes Wairarapa route

Air Chathams

Air Chathams could be flying the Masterton to Auckland route within a few months.

Park awaits funding call

A key funding announcement on a multi-purpose sports facility at Trust House Memorial Park in Masterton is expected any day.

Hunt's distinctive delivery endures


WALT DICKSON - Wairarapa News

It's for good reason that Sam Hunt is looking forward to performing in Masterton this weekend.

Feral cats cause SPCA headache


The SPCA is being inundated with stray and feral cats and wants councils to pull their weight in covering their disposal cost.

New home for Farmers' Market

Masterton's north end will receive a new vibe when Wairarapa's Farmers' Market relocates there later this year, alongside a new hospitality venue that is currently under construction.

Castlepoint Beach one of best


It might not be the warmest beach to take a dip but according to a recent survey Castlepoint Beach is one of the best.

Tongue piercing enrages mother


A Masterton mum is furious after her 14-year-old daughter had her tongue pierced without her consent.

Call for shake up of CBD

Masterton cbd

Masterton needs to wake up and reinvigorate itself if it wants to be competitive in a changing world, according to its business community and residents.

Road to ratepayer pain

Rimutaka Hill Road

Changes in funding subsidies for the region's roads will hurt many provincial ratepayers in the pocket.

Little Bushman on the road again

Trinity Roots

Very much of the earth yet more than capable of connecting with the cosmos, there is a heady appeal to the music of Little Bushman who return to King St Live in Masterton on June 6.

More cost for Masterton dog owners

Disgruntled Masterton dog owners could soon be further out of pocket if the council gives the go-ahead to two proposed dog exercise areas.

Leave this pair alone!


OPINION: Why is it that chopping off a dog's tail will earn the wrath of animal welfare and even land you in court, yet cutting off his testicles is encouraged.

Protest over town hall upgrade

Town Hall protest

Agroup of Featherston resident say their town is being neglected and they want the council to halt the Martinborough Town Hall upgrade.

76 ha gifted for new Rimutaka Hill reserve

Rimutaka Hil

Land around Rimutaka Hill gifted to the regional council will be designated scenic reserve.

Carterton "too tidy"


Carterton suffers from "tidy town syndrome" and needs to create its own identity to make it more inviting.

Lighting up Sydney

Masterton team gets creative across The Ditch

Sydney light show

A multicoloured lighting installation created by a Wairarapa family will feature in one of Sydney's most popular events.

New lobby group backs super-city

Super city map

Super-city advocates have welcomed the formation of a new group championing the amalgamation of Wellington.

Parties agree on 1080 drop


Big 1080 poison drop going ahead thanks to the collaboration of groups that have traditionally been at loggerheads.

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