Miracle on the mountain

As 15-year-old Manfred Raikes' skis skidded off the ledge and into an 8m crevasse, he closed his eyes and accepted he was about to die.

Inquiry call into 'shonky' steel mesh

5:00am SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: More than 100 sign up for class action on dodgy steel mesh in their new homes, sparking call for government inquiry.

Coro St causes fatal heart attack

5:00am "Trevor's last words were 'that bus is going to go over the edge'."

One dead after a crash

12 min ago Car collides with truck and median strip south of Auckland, leaving one person dead.

Mapping rips could save lives

5:00am  Technology studying how rips behave could be the key to more efficient life guard rescues and better targeted education.

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