Rapper Eminem sues National over use of song in political ad ... Read more



Whale washes up in Porirua

Whale from a family of ''the least known marine mammals'' washes up on a Porirua beach.

'No NSA bases in NZ'

2:26pm PM dismisses Edward Snowden's allegations the NSA is working out of New Zealand. | What we learnt | 'NZ needs answers'

Priest pleads guilty

Catholic priest admits charge of indecent assault ‚Äčon a male over 16.

Live: Squid examination

1:44pm Defrosting it was a big job, but scientists at last get a closer look at the nearly-500kg squid.

$7.2 million Lotto winner found

2:03pm The winner of Saturday's $7.2 million Lotto prize has claimed their winnings.

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