2700 in jail – yet not convicted

Judith Collins sees them as a triumph. Bill English calls them 'a fiscal and moral failure'. We go inside New Zealand's bloated prisons to talk to those who know best.

Auckland's $10m lotto winner

Auckland has again won big in Lotto, with a player taking out a massive Powerball prize.

Health problems don't stop Hunter

5:00am Hunter Wilkinson, 5, has had six operations in his short life and takes seven pills day. He's also one of the top BMX riders for his age in NZ.

Kids' 'agonising' wait for safe roads

5:00am There's already been one smash outside Umawera School – internal emails reveal "officious" bureaucrats "agonisingly slow" response.

'Dear John, you left us before we could leave you'

5:15am OPINION: Legacy? That's not what it's about. Others may aspire to change the world; John Key sought to manage the small change.

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