Confusing Wellington give way sign removed

04:44, Mar 26 2012
The intersection of Middleton Road and Halswater Road before the give way sign was taken down.

A give way sign on a busy Churton Park intersection that contradicted the new road rules has been removed after it clogged morning peak-hour traffic.

There was confusion and congestion at the intersection of Middleton Road and Halswater Drive this morning, the first week-day since the new give way rules came into effect on Sunday at 5am.

Wellington City Council spokesman Richard Maclean said traffic engineers had agreed there was a problem with the intersection and the left-hand turn give-way sign would be removed as soon as possible.

''We've had quite a lot of correspondence from people as a result of this morning's rush hour. We're whipping down there to get rid of the sign as soon as possible.''

The Churton Park intersection had shown immediate problems, possibly due to heavy traffic coming from Johnsonville being held back by the sign, he said.

''The give way sign was put in there with good intentions, but it was not working.''


Churton Park Community Association president Richard Taylor said the committee was ''acutely'' aware of confusion over the intersection, so he was pleased to hear of the sign's removal.

''It appeared and it seemed to be a strange one in that it does tend to negate the whole rule change.

''I thought it was bizarre.''

Churton Park resident Karin Koller, who lives near the intersection, had not been aware of the new sign put up, but had noticed what she thought was motorists disobeying the new rules.

The give way sign could not be seen to those coming the other direction, so motorists had no idea why those coming the other way were not obeying the new rules.

''I drove out yesterday and the first thing I saw was someone still turning right and not giving way.

''I remarked to my husband that I had only been out of the house one and a half minutes and I saw the first sign of the rule not working.''