Blossom trees snapped, vandalised

01:39, Oct 08 2012
Katherine Mansfield Memorial Park
CHOPPED: Vandalised cherry blossom trees had to be removed from Katherine Mansfield Memorial Park

Cherry blossom trees at Katherine Mansfield Park were vandalised so badly over the weekend they have had to be removed.

The young trees, were planted in Thorndon last month with Sakai visitors as part of the Japan Festival.

Wellington city council spokesman Richard MacLean said six trees from the newest round of plantings had been so badly vandalised and snapped that they died.

Council workers had been removing the dead trees and hoped to find replacements for them.

Mr MacLean said the matter would be reported to the police but there were no CCTV cameras at the park.

The garden was funded by a $25,000 grant from citizens of Sakai City, Japan, one of Wellington's sister cities.

The Sakai Cherry Walk garden at Katherine Mansfield Park was originally opened in 2007 when 28 trees were planted.

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