Labour: 'Bugger the polls'

03:23, Jul 27 2011
Annette King
Annette King: ''And I suppose I couldn't do any better than to quote Jim Bolger and say 'bugger the polls'.''

Labour deputy leader Annette King has dismissed polls showing her party's flagging popularity, saying ''bugger the polls.''

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A new Fairfax Research International poll - the first poll since Labour released details of its capital gains tax on properties - has the party on 29 per cent.

Just six per cent of voters preferred Labour leader Phil Goff as Prime Minister.

King dismissed the poll today by quoting former National leader Jim Bolger, who said ''bugger the pollsters'' on election night in 1993, when his government narrowly avoided defeat.

''It's another poll but it's not what we are finding on the ground ... what people say to us isn't reflected in the poll.

''And I suppose I couldn't do any better than to quote Jim Bolger and say 'bugger the polls'.''

She said the dismal result wasn't affecting the party's mood.

''Morale is incredibly good and has been since we started releasing major policy. We've worked hard on policy...we've got a lot more to release.

''That action in doing has really got the caucus fired up and our membership and supporters.

She said people haven't had time to absorb the details of the tax package.

''It takes more than a couple or three weeks before it actually gets out to the public...I really do think that people start to concentrate on what parties have to offer much closer to the election.'

''I notice that this poll was compared to 1996 when they said we got our worst ever result. Helen Clark...went on to get to 28.1 per cent and we almost formed the government.''

Before the election the party was polling 15 per cent and Helen Clark two per cent as preferred prime minister, she said.


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