Cutting public sector jobs top of to-do list

One of the first things National plans to do if it wins on Saturday is to immediately implement the new lower public service staffing cap.

National leader John Key today outlined his post election priorities should his party return to power on Saturday.

It highlights how the Government plans to immediately implement the new lower public service staffing cap. The cap was signalled in the Budget when Finance Minister Bill English announced the public sector would need to cut almost $1b.
The plan also contains economic, health and welfare policies already outlined on the campaign trial - and includes the proposal to partially sell off state-owned assets.
But it will not be a 100-day plan because of the Christmas holidays - Key said it was more of "a working agenda".
He also said the election result would be ''closer than some people think".'
Key said he needed a ''stable'' government to implement the plan.

Near the top of his agenda is finding savings of close to $1 billion over three years in the public sector as highlighted in this year's budget.

The savings will go towards reducing debt and improving front line services and will come in part from 31 core government agencies saving $330 million in administration.

National's action plan includes:

- Have the budget deficit next year, and be back in surplus in 2014/2015
- Establish the Crown Water Investment Company to invest up to $400 million from the Future Investment Fund in irrigation and water storage to make farm land more productive
- Amend the Resource Management Act to have six-month time limits on consenting medium-sized projects
- Immediately implement the new lower public service staffing cap
- Slow the phasing-in of the Emissions Trading Scheme and allow off-setting for pre-1990 forest owners
- Amend the Social Security Act to comprehensively reform benefits
- Introduce changes to sanctions for beneficiaries whose recreational use of drugs affects their ability to apply for and secure a job
- Change bail laws to make it harder for those accused of the most serious offences to get bail
- Introduce screening of parole applications to allow the Parole Board to reduce the number of unnecessary parole hearings
- Pass the Search and Surveillance Bill
- Make secondary school performance information available to parents
- Immediately begin work to develop more effective teacher and principal appraisal
- Increase the number of elective operations by at last 4000 a year
- Work with district health boards to ensure patients needing a specialist appointment are seen within no more than four months by 2014
- Begin work with local primary care networks to provide free after-hours GP visits to children under six
- Start building 17,000 seat temporary stadium at Addington
- Receive and assess the CBD recovery plan

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