Major shake-up for IT education touted


Government tipped to announce a major shake-up in education today.

Nick Smith won't pursue defamation action

Nick Smith

Conservation minister won't pursue defamation against a member of Fish and Game council.

Craig unfazed by PM's snub

Colin Craig

Conservative Party leader Colin Craig is staying positive in the face of what many are calling a deathblow dealt by National.

Beehive Live: July 29, 2014

colin craig

We bring you more analysis on the election deals, more action in the house, and more valedictories.

Rebuild behind schedule - Labour MPs

Christchurch rebuild

Residential rebuild "painfully slow" in the hands of Gerry Brownlee, two Labour MPs say.

Get out and vote, Lorde urges youth

Lorde says vote

Lorde doesn't have a voice in this year's election but she's urging her peers to speak for her.

Today in politics: Tuesday, July 29

beehive parliament

Actor Cliff Curtis has become the latest celebrity to publicly declare his support for the Mana Movement.

PM warns Smith off lawsuit over remarks

Nick Smith

Conservation Minister Nick Smith is considering legal action over comments made by a Fish & Game council member.

MP facing scrutiny over accessing of records


NZ First MP's under scrutiny in investigation into accessing criminal records.

Negotiator says Treaty double no conflict of interest


A negotiator who has been involved in two Iwi deals which are set to be signed in August says each settlement is unique.

Key coup de grace for Craig

John Key

OPINION: With opinion polls placing National well clear of 50 per cent, Key judged he needn't risk having Colin Craig on board.

Brownlee - brain fade or abuse of power?

Gerry Brownlee

Gerry Brownlee's constituents are divided on what should happen after he skipped airport security.

Let's just talk politics and skip brewing up the pot

john key

Big parties will almost always need support parties to form a government, Prime Minister Key has said.

Cliff Curtis supports Mana

Cliff Curtis

Actor Cliff Curtis has become the latest celebrity to publicly declare support for the Mana Movement.

Note to MPs: Stay clothed

Nick Smith

MP Nick Smith, threatening a selfie in his togs, defends his comment about voters shunning fat politicians, but he may be right.

National to stick with ACT, UnitedFuture and Maori

john key

John Key confirms electorate deals with ACT in Epsom and United Future in Ohariu. | Speculation squashed

Conservative Party logo rejected

conservative vote logo rejected

Electoral Commission rejects Conservative Party's "vote" logo, saying it could confuse voters.

Key squashes speculation

Vernon Small

OPINION: So, the "dirty deals" have been done, relatively dirt cheap, and it looks like it may be bye-bye to Colin Craig's chances of being an MP this year.

Beehive Live: July 28, 2014

beehive parliament

Prime Minister John Key says he won't cut a deal with the Conservative Party in East Coast Bays.

Nick Smith denies bullying Fish and Game

Nick Smith

Conservation minister rejects claim he bullied Fish & Game over campaign to clean up rivers.

Nats deal with Conservatives unlikely

Jenny Pollock

PM all but rules out a deal with Colin Craig's Conservative Party in East Coast Bays electorate.

Protecting dolphins 'small price to pay'

Maui dolphins

Most Kiwis would be happy to pay a "dolphin tax" to save the threatened Maui's and Hector's dolphins, a new survey says.

Today in Politics: Monday, July 28

Georgina Beyer

Xero founder Rod Drury says Govt needs a tech adviser and Georgina Beyer will stand for Mana.

Anger at 'roading crumbs'

andrew judd

Andrew Judd has struck out at the Government for giving Taranaki roads the crumbs from roading budgets.

Police commissioner apologises for raids

tame iti

Police commissioner visits homes of those affected by the Urewera raids, including veteran activist Tame Iti.

Accountant claims surplus result of 'clever accounting'

Christchurch convention centre

Accountant doubts there would be $372m surplus without clever accounting for costs of rebuild.

Georgina Beyer to stand for Mana

Georgina Beyer

Former Labour MP Georgina Beyer has announced she will stand for Mana at the next election.

Greens campaign on clean seas


Green Party policies to protect NZ beaches from oil spills include a ban on deep sea drilling and compulsory shipping lanes.

PM selective about his open style

John Key

OPINION: John Key's style may be "open and transparent", but only when it's convenient.

Call for more information on Kiwi drone death

Keith Locke

Former Green MP Keith Locke says more information needed about Christchurch man killed in Yemen drone strike.

Winners and losers on National Party list

National Party

National Party's lineup for the 2014 election includes a big promotion for Education Minister Hekia Parata.

Gov under fire for failure to pass slave fishing bill


NZ's reputation at risk after bill that would have outlawed slave fishing failed to pass into law.

Brownlee lashes 'tosspot' journalist

Gerry Brownlee

Journalist labelled "utter tosspot" by Gerry Brownlee for insensitive Pike River approach declares it a career highlight.

Nat MP's spending surge

Paul Foster-Bell

National list MP Paul Foster-Bell is defending a huge spike in his taxpayer-funded expenses.

Knocking on Epsom's door

David Seymour

David Seymour has knocked on 8500 doors, wearing out shoe leather on the manicured streets of Epsom.

Fringe parties look for deals

Marble poll

PM John Key is poised to reveal just which parties he'd do deals with. | Knocking on Epsom's door| Coat-tailing must go

It's time to get rid of political 'coat-tailing'

colin espiner

OPINION: It's time to end the dodgy deals that have besmirched the reputation of MMP.

Labour comeback will be a 'surprise' - Cunliffe

David Cunliffe

Labour leader David Cunliffe says being the underdogs in the leadup to the election is a "great place".

Election hopeful's fire truck tagged

Stuart Nash's Fire truck

Labour election hopeful Stuart Nash says a graffiti attack on his fire truck was not politically-motivated.

Medical specialists union blast health minister

Tony Ryall

Medical specialists union has used a speech to dentists to launch an attack on Health Minister Tony Ryall.

'No need' to screen Brownlee at airport

Gerry Brownlee

Gerry Brownlee has blamed a "complete brain fade" for evading Christchurch Airport security.

Wagner 'agnostic' on cathedral rebuild

nicky wagner

A cartoon image on a campaign flier nods to Nicky Wagner's campaign slogan: "Keeping Christchurch Central in Good Shape for the Future".

Three MPs, 50 questions: Part two

Ray Calver

Aimie Cronin rapid-fired questions at Hamilton's candidates in the coming election.

Peters has been taken in, says Staples

Bryan Staples

Christchurch's own "Robin Hood" figure, Bryan Staples speaks out against Winston Peters.

A week is a long time in politics


OPINION: It has been a topsy-turvy three years since the last election. One more week and time will be called on the 50th New Zealand Parliament.

Today in politics: Saturday, July 25

David Cunliffe

Labour leader David Cunliffe says he has accepted Television New Zealand's assurances about presenter Mike Hosking.

When to hold ‘em . . . when to fold 'em

National party

OPINION: If there are too many more weeks like this on the campaign trail, the election may well end up closer than everyone expects.

MPs seeking to ramp up expenses


The hard-done-by politicians are also asking for 30 free flights a year for their families- on top of their at-least $150,000-a-year salaries.

Maori Party 'only way' for influence

Maori Party logo

The Maori Party’s Tai Tokerau candidate claims a vote for his party is the only way to ensure a Maori presence in power.

Cunliffe accepts TVNZ assurances

Mike Hosking

Labour leader David Cunliffe says he has accepted TVNZ assurances about presenter Mike Hosking.
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