Minimum wage to $18 - Greens


The Greens would lift the minimum wage by almost $4 to $18 hour and pay public servants at least $18.80.

Peters' bottom-line

Winston Peters

NZ First leader Winston Peters makes royal commission a bottom line in any post-election deal.

Press leaders debate 2014: Live tonight

david cunliffe and john key

It's been a bumpy ride so far on the election campaign trail and this is your chance to grill the leaders.

Beehive Live: Leaders in the hot seat


The election's getting closer and there's no shortage of action.

Beyer takes Harawira to task over Dotcom

Georgina Beyer

Prominent Mana candidate Georgina Beyer questions motives of founder Kim Dotcom.

Apathy? No, there's just no one to vote for

Leader's debate

It's election time once again, and this time round I'm struggling to find a reason to vote.

Dunne won't read 'muck-raking' Dirty Politics

Peter Dunne

Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics took centre stage at a debate in Wellington's Ohariu electorate.

Maori Party will win seat, poll suggests

Te Ururoa Flavell

The Maori Party's future is looking more secure, according to the results of a new poll.

Key's staff to be grilled over Goff claim

STEMMING THE BLOOD: Prime Minister John Key.

Computer and phone records in John Key's office will be searched as part of SIS investigation.

Homeless suspect sought MPs' help

WANTED: John Henry Tully, 48.

Alleged gunman was "desperate and frustrated" with his situation and had sought help from MPs, including Winston Peters.

Campaign Diary: Monday, 1 Sept

Culture and Heritage Minister Chris Finlayson is one of the first to drive through Arras Tunnel in his Crown car.

Optimism, perks, condolences and another leaders' debate coming up - the election trail highlights.

Who's investigating who?


In the tangle of complaints, inquiries, and probes stemming from the Dirty Politics saga, we explain who exactly is investigating who.

Collins, SIS claims to be investigated by panels

Judith Collins

There are twin panels set to scrutinise claims made about Judith Collins and the Security Intelligence Service.

Bloggers targeted business journalist

bernard hickey

Leaked emails show Whale Oil blogger and company decided to target journalist who was seen as an enemy.

Beehive Live: 'Not a witch hunt'

John Key

Judith Collins and WhaleOil are still the hot topics today, as John Key tries to turn the talk back to the campaign.

Bradford shooting tweet sparks backlash

UNDER FIRE: Sue Bradford.

Former MP Sue Bradford is being accused of using the Ashburton shooting for political "point scoring".

Live Chat: Labour's David Parker

David Parker

The election is 20 days away but much of the campaigning has been overshadowed by the Dirty Politics saga, and just this weekend the resignation of Judith Collins.

If you were the Prime Minister....

john key

What would you do if you were the Prime Minister? Share your vision for New Zealand.

Labour invests in Christchurch transport

road cones

Labour promises "21st century rail system" to deal with Christchurch's traffic problems.

SFO's Adam Feeley confident truth will come out

Adam Feeley

Former SFO boss hopes inquiry into alleged smear campaign against him will bring out the truth.

Campaign Diary: Monday, Sept 1

David Cunliffe

Key took a quick break from his mall crawl in Auckland yesterday, to tell reporters some important news.

Norman makes a point with paddle

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman

Greens co-leader Russel Norman looks more like he's in the middle of a holiday than in the thick of a campaign trail.

Judith Collins' office made haste on OIA


Judith Collins' office processed OIA request in just two days to release email embarrassing the SFO boss.

National caught deep in the mire

STEMMING THE BLOOD: Prime Minister John Key.

OPINION: The snowball effect of the Dirty Politics scandal is threatening to bury National.

Parties differ markedly on economic policy


OPINION: For the first time in decades voters face a stark choice about the economic direction the next government takes.

Judith Collins inquiry details due Monday


John Key will talk details tomorrow but says he is not aware of any other allegations about Judith Collins.

PM may not have to front at hearing

STEMMING THE BLOOD: Prime Minister John Key.

John Key may now not have to give evidence to an inquiry by the SIS watchdog into dirty politics allegations.

Chinese minister's mystery visit

Murray McCully

Mystery surrounds visit of China's Foreign Minister to New Zealand.

Smacking ban's 'suicide link'

EDWARD SAAFI: He is fifth on the Conservative list and would be elected if they break the 5 per cent threshold.

Anti-smacking law to blame for suicide, prostitution and STIs, top Conservative candidate says.

Beehive Live: Back on the horse


The prime minister is back campaigning amid the fallout from Judith Collins' resignation.

Collins' axing unavoidable in the end

STEMMING THE BLOOD: Prime Minister John Key.

OPINION: It is hard to remember an election littered with so many tripwires.

Flip-flopping key to hold on to power


OPINION: But this week John Key has not so much extended the olive branch as planted the whole tree in Winston Peters' backyard.

If I was Prime Minister . . .

Eleanor Catton getting her investiture

Whoever is elected must try to make New Zealand just a little better - but how?

The secret diary of . . . the leaders' debate

Steve Braunias

OPINION: Mike Hosking: "My gravitas. Is my gravitas all right?"

Laila Harre, the brittle battler

Laila Harre

Laila Harre talks protests, personal freedom and poaching eggs.

Axe to fall on soaring ministry travel costs

Skyrocketing staff travel costs at the Ministry of Justice have led to drastic cost-cutting measures.

Real reason behind Judith Collins' demise

Judith Collins

Judith Collins resigned over a smear campaign apparently backed by Mark Hotchin.

Pre-election promises underwhelming

Vegetable garden, lettuce

Elections can feel like Christmas for voters as parties tussle with tax cuts and proffer shiny-packaged spending presents.

Health policy missing in action

Health policy has been pushed aside in this election campaign - and that's upset health insurers.

Judith Collins resigns, says she's a victim

Judith Collins

Blogger Cameron Slater says his email stating "Collins is gunning for [SFO boss] Feeley" wasn't a lie but "embellishing is a good word".

Party leaders call for full investigation of Government

LABOUR LEADER: David Cunliffe.

David Cunliffe calls for a full investigation into the Government's "underhand tactics".

Judith Collins: Career timeline


In light of Judith Collins’ resignation from Cabinet this afternoon, we look back over her time in Parliament. 

The ups and downs of National and its allies

Gerry Brownlee

Even before Judith's quitting today, there's been no shortage of hot water for National MPs and their allies to get into.

Beehive Live: Judith Collins conference

John Key

The Beehive team bring us the action from parliament, where the PM has accepted Judith Collins' resignation.

Hager's relationship with hacker revealed

Nicky Hager

The hacker who helped Nicky Hager did it because he thought Whale Oil blogger "was a p****".

Voters divided over who plays dirtiest

Katie Wilson who read Nicky Hager's book 'Dirty Politics' then took a poll asking how it will effect her decisions for this coming elections.

Voters are divided over who plays the dirtiest in one of the dirtiest election campaigns in living memory. | Full results

Complaint turns up heat on Collins


ACC whistleblower alleges Cabinet minister Judith Collins leaked confidential but false details to WhaleOil blogger Cameron Slater.

Campaign Diary: Saturday, August 30

Judith Collins

Photo ops with farm animals, a court victory and the scent of grapes - another day on the hustings.

How Cullen helped Cunliffe stare down Key

Michael Cullen

He famously dismissed the PM as a "rick prick" and had a reputation as the sharpest politician of his generation.

Numbers men offer voters clear options

Generic money

National and Labour have outlined their economic plans in detail ahead of the election. Vernon Small sums up their policies.
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