Protesters barrack National Party conference in Christchurch

About 50 demonstrators held a vocal protest outside the opening of the National Party conference in Christchurch.

New report says NZ 'destination' for forced labour, sex trafficking

US report exposes NZ as a "destination" for people subjected to forced labour and sex trafficking.

Construction on Christchurch Hospital's outpatient facility weeks away from start

Government signs off on contract for Christchurch's new $72m outpatient facility.

Silver Fern Farms and Shanghai Maling put off deal decision until end of September

OIO demand for more information forces a delay in $261m Silver Fern Farms-Shanghai Maling deal.

What can NZ Labour and other politicians learn from the Brexit vote to leave the EU?

Is NZ Labour following their UK counterpart, shutting out the working class in favour of city-slicker liberals?

New Zealand's new border system will be five years late

Some things are worth the wait - Customs Minister doesn't want to rush.

Homelessness not just an Auckland problem

Daniel Bindner's life collapsed. And in New Zealand there is a ''huge population'' of people ''struggling to keep it together''.

Wellington job centre forced to close as Winz demands focus on hospo, aged care and call centres

A Wellington employment training centre loses Government contract because it did not focus on specific trades.

Smoke alarm and insulation regulations for rentals will lead to rent rises, landlords say

Kiwis face $15-a-week hike as landlords adjust to laws requiring properties to be insulated within three years.

Former councillor Bruce Smith enters mayoral race

"Decisions are being made in closed workshops where no minutes are taken."

Lifeline faces closure as Government rejects pleas for funding

The Government has rejected the crisis helpline's appeals for funding, which is now asking for public donations.

Brexit: Foreign Minister Murray McCully offers trade help to Britain

Minister denies trade negotiator offer, but admits extending an offer of help to the UK.

IRD urged to lift veil of secrecy over big company tax

"There is massive public interest in understanding what Facebook, Vodafone and Google are doing."

Veil of secrecy to be lifted on surgeons' performance by 2021

Information watchdog gives health sector a hurry along on public database of surgeons' individual safety records.

Tax expert John Shewan sheds welcome light on trusts

OPINION: Tax expert John Shewan has produced a lucid inquiry into New Zealand's foreign trust regime.

Foreign trust review brings out the worst in our political leaders

OPINION: You would think there's enough evidence from around the world of how tired voters are getting with politics.

Child killer Peter Holdem 'a long way from being a realistic candidate for parole'

The man who killed Louisa Damodran, 6, in 1986 accepts he is not ready for release.

From Mother Teresa to Richard Nixon, historical documents go under the hammer

Lower Hutt man's collection of historical documents ranges from Charles I to Charlie Chaplin.

Police kiosks to remain closed until health and safety concerns are addressed

NZ's top cop says he will not reopen the community kiosks until he's sure those who work there can be safe.

Paula Bennett talks at Manurewa Marae about homelessness

The Government alone can't solve the issue of homelessness, Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett says.

Fresh evidence linking Malcolm Rewa with murder of Susan Burdett means police must re-open case

OPINION: With new evidence linking Malcolm Rewa with Susan Burdett's murder, police must now bring justice.

Police: No 'exceptional circumstances' to charge Malcolm Rewa with murder after Teina Pora's conviction was quashed

Police accept Teina Pora didn't murder Susan Burdett, but say they don't have a case against the likely killer.

Climate change 'most serious' environmental issue for New Zealand - report

There's a worrying problem posing a serious and growing threat to our sea, land, wildlife and economy.

Vodafone debt 'like being locked into high fixed-interest mortgage' says expert

Inland Revenue declines to release views on rate change, citing "taxpayer secrecy".

Student achievement is improving in New Zealand but internationally Kiwis are slipping - report

If "hospitals were killing patients they'd be shut down" but schools failing students carry on.

What does the law say about cyber bullying?

In extreme cases of cyber-bullying, what does the law say?

Officials reviewing P contamination guidelines, as expert says risk overstated

Housing New Zealand is wasting millions of dollars on vacating and cleaning P "contaminated" houses, expert says.

England lose to Iceland, John Key puts off call to David Cameron

Perhaps today wasn't the best day for John Key to call up his mate David Cameron.

Pharmac poised to fund melanoma drug Keytruda subject to feedback

Melanoma sufferers who lobbied hard for the drug Keytruda to be publicly funded may get their wish soon.

Damning inquiry 'misinterpreted', says State Services Minister Paula Bennett

Paula Bennett says a damning Ombudsman's report into the MFAT inquiry, merely pointed out "procedural issues".

'Cloud' technologies prompt Search & Surveillance Act review

They could be allowed to look for information that suspected criminals share through social media.

Five soldiers to face drug charges after Fiji incident

Five NZ Army troops are accused of drug offences while on humanitarian duty in Fiji.

John Key floats departure tax idea

Prime Minister John Key was talking about a $20 departure tax to fund regional tourism pressures at a recent visit to Taupo.

Should we rename State Highway 1 after Captain James Cook?

Calls afoot to rename "boring" State Highway 1 after iconic explorer but are plans on a road to nowhere?

No fast track on money-laundering law in wake of Shewan report - Key

How urgent is an extension to anti-money laundering law?

Korean police could charge NZ government official after diplomatic immunity waived

Korean reports allege the Kiwi obstructed police from arresting his friends on suspicion of molesting a female bar worker.

Courts favouring release into community over prison for criminals - Judith Collins

Our courts want to keep people out of jail so, of course, you're going to get crims cutting off their ankle bracelets, says Minister.

Paula Bennett: 'Average' interest in $5000 relocation grants for homeless Aucklanders

No Kiwis have yet relocated under the scheme which pays homeless families up to $5k to leave Auckland.

New Zealand and Australia can 'piggy-back' each other post-Brexit, says Prime Minister John Key

John Key says the two countries can work together, but rules out joint trade agreements.

Govt considers new exemptions for foreign buyers of sensitive NZ land

The Government is looking at new exemptions for foreign buyers of NZ's sensitive land.

Budget blowout at Mapua Wharf 'necessary'

An overspend of almost $500,000 at Mapua Wharf was "necessary and prudent", says a council report on the matter.

PM: National MP Paul Foster-Bell's high travel costs because of his 'expertise'

PM says National list MP has foreign affairs "expertise" that keeps him busy around the country.

Moko's killers got manslaughter to eliminate 'substantial risk' of either walking free

The brutal killing of Moko at the hands of his caregivers sparked national outrage. Why wasn't it murder?

Forest & Bird to join Kermadec court case against fishing claims

Conservation group Forest & Bird will go to court to protect the set up of the Kermadec ocean sanctuary.

John Key to implement 'most' Shewan report recommendations on foreign trusts

John Key accepts foreign trust rules need a radical overhaul following warnings not enough's being done to counter money laundering.

Editorial: Justice meets populism in the Moko case

OPINION: Three year old Moko has become a political symbol.

Road toll breaks for electric vehicles 'interesting question'

Exempting electric vehicles from road tolls on Auckland motorways an 'interesting question', minister says.

Ombudsman Ron Paterson cuts short five-year term as office deals with investigations backlog

Official leaves two years early, as office deals with requests dating back six years.

Maori councillor announces next political move at annual Maui Pomare festivities

"It's something I have been thinking about for a long time but I felt I still had some things to do."

New Zealand's refugee quota is 'embarrassingly small'

 The Azim family is safe after leaving war-torn Afghanistan, but there is room to save many more families.
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