Jonathan Milne: Voters must know who's secretly bankrolling mayoral candidates

OPINION: Political candidates should be required to disclose donors before the election – it's too late once the polls have closed.

Prime Minister John Key and the elephant in the Sri Lankan courtroom

Sri Lanka wants to bestow Nandi the elephant to New Zealand. It's causing a jumbo row.

Governor General Dame Patsy Reddy visits Nelson's Whakatu Marae

Newly-minted official welcomed onto Whakatu Marae.

New Zealand strengthens ties with Sri Lanka

New Zealand is expecting to open a High Commission in Sri Lanka within the next two years, Prime Minister John Key announced.

Student loan borrowers seeking bankruptcy as millions in debts wiped due to insolvency

Millions of dollars in student debt is being erased by overseas graduates seeking bankruptcy.

Live by the sword, die by the sword - Colin Craig's life lesson

Colin Craig lost a lot more than $1.27 million in the Jordan Williams defamation case.

What was that all about? The Colin Craig trial in a nutshell

The Colin Craig defamation trial was about sex, lies and poetry.

Give me some election cash, and I'll promise to forget who you are

"I do not recall." Like Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North in the Iran-Contra scandal our politicians struggle to remember the shadowy figures bankrolling their campaigns.

Treasury issues warning over risks of online schools in NZ

Concern that online schools could be "parking spaces" for students already at risk of failing.

Stacey Kirk: Reinvesting in education at the expense of the younger generation

Older generations have reaped rewards, now the Government want to saddle Gen Y and Zers with even more debt.

Colin Craig ruled to have defamed Jordan Williams

Colin Craig "very, very" surprised at defamation ruling, for which he must pay $1.27 million.

Should we be worried? Exporting the new politics down under.

When Trump speaks, we can't stop ourselves from listening. What does it mean for us next year?

No animals harmed in the making of new Governor-General's first banquet

The "plant based" menu served at Dame Patsy Reddy's first banquet was a far cry from tofu and mung beans.

Oscar Kightley: 'Uncomfortable secrets from our past'

Opinion: Revelations of racist attitudes by a former prime minister are an example of awkward truths everyone should know about.

National Portrait: Maggie Barry, happy hunter

"To save the things that you love, you have to kill a lot of other things."

Anti-fluoride DHB candidates are standing up and down country, but not always revealing their stance

Many candidates across NZ say they are against water fluoridation - but don't reveal this in their candidate profiles.

Chris Trotter: Colin Craig's behaviour would embarrass a spotty adolescent

OPINION: Colin Craig suffers from the political equivalent of leprosy.

David v Jacinda: Time for tough talk on public policy

OPINION: Kiwis have led the way in innovative public policy, let's not allow our standards to drop now.

One in 10 New Zealand families fell into 'Struggle Street' since 2006

Cleaner Mele Peaua's community has been forgotten, and it's a social timebomb ticking.

Auckland school site to house 51 familes in emergency 'pop-up' units

Vacant land earmarked for south Auckland school to be used to build 51 emergency houses.

NZ's time chairing the UN Security Council wraps up with one big regret

NZ's time chairing the Security Council ends with regrets and Russia being blamed for our failures.

Kiwis 'drowning in housing debt', Labour says after Statistics NZ figures

As home buyers "mortgage themselves to the hilt", older Kiwis owe more on investment properties than their own homes.

NZ one of world's most competitive economies: World Economic Forum

Despite problems like a poorly educated workforce, we're one of the world's most competitive countries.

Argentinian buyers of Onetai Station get two warnings from OIO

Argentinian brothers who bought a Taranaki farm may have to sell if convicted of a pollution incident at home.

Green portfolio reshuffle picks right man for pivotal finance role

The Greens have made the right call by handing the finance role to their co-leader.

Mass rat sterilisation could be the answer to New Zealand's pest free future

Pest free country by 2050 "doable" but will take "a range of methods", Steven Joyce says.

'Anti-separatist' group is modern day colonisation - New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd says

A mayor fighting for better Maori representation on councils says a new 'anti-separatist' group is no better than the colonists.

Camera-shy Kapiti councillors call in police to show public speaker the door

Last meeting of the Kapiti council's term couldn't quite make it through without police being called.

White Man Behind a Desk satirist appeals to other young voters in funny video

A white man behind a desk really wants you to vote. Here's why.

John Key: Kiwis uninterested in 'broken record' attacks on Maori favouritism

Kiwis aren't interested in Don Brash's "broken record" of separatism claims, John Key says.

NZ race relations: new start or new low?

He's campaigning for equality for all - and expects to be called a racist for it.

Police asked to investigate complaint from Queenstown mayoral race candidate Jim Boult

Queenstown Lakes mayoral candidate Jim Boult has asked police to investigate an alleged "campaign" against him.

Helen Clark's chances at the UN take a hit after a late entry in the race

Too much has gone into Helen Clark's bid at the UN for her to pull out now, says John Key.

Massey racism provokes call for university name change

PM William Massey was a ''white supremacist'' and the uni's name should be changed, says lecturer.

Productivity Commission says interest should be put back on student loans

Students should return to paying interest on their loans to make tertiary education more accessible, a report suggests.

Greens reshuffle their lineup: New MP and new finance and health spokespeople

The party is making way for former Oxfam chief Barry Coates.

Jury retires in Colin Craig defamation trial

Judge tells jury to consider former Conservative Party leader's defences carefully.

'Liquidate your business and then we can help' - injury cripples couple, but it could be worse

Liquidate your business and get ready to work in the supermarket - what a woman said she was told by Winz after partner got sick.

Presidential election hype follows US expats to Marlborough

US expats in Marlborough: "I hoped that I had moved away from all of this."

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown signs off after 20 years on council

Wellington's cycling mayor Celia Wade-Brown has pedaled off into the sunset for the last time.

The race debate - will it rise again?

OPINION: Don Brash is a political Jack in the Box. Wind him up and out he pops, shouting "boo" over race relations.

'Anti-separatist' campaign launched against 'Maori favouritism' ahead of 2017 election

New group wants politicians to "commit to a colour-blind state" - and will put its money where its mouth is.

Hollywood big guns among crowd at swearing in of new Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy

Dame Patsy Reddy's ex-neighbour James Cameron among dignitaries at her swearing-in.

Will the Greens be offered a seat up front in exchange for Mt Roskill-type deals?

OPINION: Is there a "quid" for the "pro quo" in Labour-Green deal?

Queenstown council bylaw review process hijacked by 585 submissions, some dodgy

Duplicates, fakes and on-behalf-ofs included in 585 bylaw submissions.

Forget the sauna and Mr X sideshows, says Colin Craig's lawyer

After three often-colourful weeks, lawyers and judge sum up in high-profile defamation case against Colin Craig.

Green MP Kevin Hague: 'Unfinished business' in mental health

OPINION: Reports from within the mental health sector have become increasingly worrying over the last year.

Auckland mayoral debate turns into shoving match between screaming candidates

As two rival Auckland candidates came close to "a brawl", another grabbed the mic and screamed "Allahu Akbar".

Labour up 8 per cent in latest Roy Morgan poll but NZ First still holds the power

National suffers lowest polling in three years but it's still NZ First that will decide the next Government.

Auckland mayoral candidate John Palino calls for 'task force' of retired police

Retired police officers will be investigating criminal cases if John Palino becomes Auckland mayor.
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