Government rejects 'fox in the henhouse' criticism

Government labels fishing claims a "Greenpeace beat-up".

Cost of state house transfer slammed by Labour

Government's plan to offload state houses has been slammed after cost was revealed at nearly $30 million.

John Key met by protesters in Palmerston North

Protesters were outside the National Party's Lower North Island Conference in Palmerston North.

More Panama Papers revelations due Monday

The new information relates to a massive leak of papers from the Panamanian law firm Mossac Fonseca.

Oscar Kightley: When is a housing crisis not a housing crisis? When it's a passive-aggressive political row ...

OPINION: Call it a crisis or a challenge, but something needs to be done about our housing situation.

Budget 2016: A bare-minimum budget for children

This year's Budget doesn't do enough to address child poverty, says Unicef NZ.

Rod Oram: Invest more in the economy, not less

The Key government prides itself on being careful with the books and good for business.

Climate change: NZ to pass important milestone within weeks

NZ to blow past 400ppm of CO² soon and the overall upward trend is undeniable.

Grant Robertson, Bill English square off in housing debate

Finance Minister Bill English blames the Auckland City Council for the housing crisis.

Stacey Kirk: Surprise, it's austerity! How the Govt kept its budget secrets

Stacey Kirk leads you on a waltz around the pre-Budget bluster.

TPPA, housing and child poverty protesters greet John Key on Palmerston North visit

Prime Minister John Key will be met by some serious messages when he visits Palmerston North.

The 'Mad Men' budget

Long on slogans, short on excitement. That's the 2016 budget.

'Fat people' to blame for tobacco tax: Winston Peters

NZ First leader blasts "fat people sitting in their ivory towers" for tobacco tax hike as he calls for a fat-free nation.

Schools will decide how to spend targeted funding for under-achieving kids

If under-achieving children move school, targeted funding won't go with them.

Govt thinks about compulsory warranty to protect against building flaws

Concern that building guarantee could force builders out of the trade.

Jeremy Elwood & Michele A'Court: Paying the rent

OPINION: I find myself completely befuddled at how any young person gets started in life.

DHBs still being shortchanged, says Labour - unveils health map to highlight regional shortfalls

Health got the lion's share of Budget funding, but Labour's updated its calculations and says it's not enough.

Below the beltway: The week in politics

Who is up, down and inbetween in politics this week?

Budget 2016: Changing super will be super hard, which is why John Key should do it

OPINION: I'm 23, and I know super isn't going to survive until I retire - unless we change it soon.

Key gets tough on Auckland with new policy forcing councils to release land

A new policy will force the city's council to release more land and bring house prices down, the PM says.

Polluters have to pay full cost of emissions after bill passes final hurdle

Will scrapping the bargain deal on carbon units help NZ meet its climate change targets?

Sole buyer of Invercargill state houses pulls out, stalling Government plans

Government's Invercargill social housing plans in disarray after the lone potential buyer pulled out.

Duncan Garner: If John Key is so unpopular why is Labour doing so little?

Andrew Little has had a poor year and some Labour MPs are already resigned to him losing the next election.

Five charts that explain the Budget

What even is the Budget? These five charts show what it all means.

Govt finds $10m to kickstart Greymouth hospital construction

 The West Coast community will get a new hospital after the Government finds $10m to cover cost blowout.

Is List MP Jo Hayes 'drunk' on the Budget? No, just happy

A rare tweet by a National whip and a video bomb by a Minister? National MPs' Budget Day shenanigans.

Helen Clark's United Nations quest hinges on delicate, tactical campaign

 OPINION: Helen Clark has a few obstacles in her way before she can become the head of the United Nations.

David Slack: 'Promise you the bluest summer sky'

 OPINION: You asked for solutions, here they are.

Man charged with arson after Budget day Parliament protest

The man who allegedly drove a ute covered in a protest sign into Parliament on Budget Day due in court today.

Tax cuts may be on the cards for middle income earners - Bill English

They weren't in the Budget, but Finance Minister Bill English hopes to bring tax reductions in election year.

Budget 2016: Minister Paula Bennett and Labour's Annette King divided, but onside with tobacco tax

Annette King and Paula Bennett disagree on many things, but tobacco isn't one of them.

Budget 2016: Recap chat with Finance Minister Bill English

We talked to Finance Minister Bill English after he delivered his eigth Budget.

Budget 2016: Who's going to pay for Government spending?

Who's going to pay for Government spending?

Social Housing grant called short term strategy, offloading homeless to other regions

Auckland families racking up debt in emergency housing say the $5000 grant to move out of the city is inadequate.

Jo Moir: Schools will look to parents' pockets after a freeze on school operational funding

OPINION: Schools are increasingly relying on parents' pockets, so it's no wonder they're shocked by a Government funding freeze.

Budget 2016: In their words

Are the Budget numbers making your head spin? Here are the key quotes from the day.

Few surprises in English's eighth Budget as surpluses prime election war chest

Bill English's "few surprises" Budget will help fill the Government's war chest ahead of possible election year tax cuts.

Budget 2016: What Budget 2016 tells us about the next election

OPINION: Bill English's eighth Budget tells us everything we need to know about next year's election.

Stacey Kirk: Remission but no cure, with a healthy Budget boost for ailing an health system

OPINION: It's a good Budget boost to the health system. But $2.2b won't fix everything.

Mike Williams: Govt delivers a Budget that strives to ignore the housing crisis

OPINION: This Budget shows the Government is blinded by its own poll success, says former Labour Party president Mike Williams.

Budget 2016: Emotion as bowel cancer screening announced after years of advocacy

Bowel cancer survivor Ian Telfer was "quite emotional" at news a screening programme would finally go ahead.

Tax cuts more viable after 'safe, secure' budget?

''There's no question here that this is building up a bit of a war chest.''

Prime Minister John Key says Parliament security threat was 'distressing'

John Key expresses concern after an apparent protester threw parliament into lockdown.

Budget 2016: Funding for social housing 'still a Band Aid', not a long-term solution

$258m package is not a long-term solution to the housing crisis, social providers say.

National praises 'sensible' Budget, while Labour slams 'patchwork of half-baked ideas'

Budget 2016; "sensible" or "a patchwork of half baked ideas"?

Budget 2016: Bill English Budget criticised as 'sticking plaster on compound fracture'

Budget is widely criticised, but John Key says boring is better than "excitingly terrible".

Budget 2016: $291m boost to ease pressure on overstretched prison system

As the prison population soars, the Government puts in $291m to help Corrections cope.

Relocating to regions should be for jobs, not money incentives mayor Andrew Judd says

 Auckland isn't the only area struggling with emergency housing shortages.

Budget 2016: Recap of our live coverage as Bill English reveals his spending plan

The "positive" Budget, the "sticking plaster" Budget or the "get stuffed" Budget? Here's how it unfolded.

Grant Robertson: A Budget that lacks vision and courage to make life better

National's Budget lacks the vision and courage needed to meet the challenges facing the country, writes Labour finance spokesman Grant Robertson.
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