Christchurch National Party leader backs 'sweet explosive justice' of Kiwisaver weapons investment

National Party leader backs the "sweet explosive justice" of Kiwisaver weapons investment, saying profit from killing terrorists is "just fantastic".

Tracy Watkins: Helen Clark unlikely to pull out of next vote on UN Secretary General race

OPINION: The inside word on Helen Clark's UN prospects is that she's far from out of the running despite latest setback.

UN Sec-Gen vote: Helen Clark in or out?

Helen Clark needed things to go her way, but there was no good news in latest vote on the next UN boss.

How Steven Adams would look as prime minister

Adams does what Labour has failed to do - and takes PM's chair.

Easter Sunday trading unlikely to gain support

Candidates for the Palmerston North City Council divided on Easter Sunday trading.

Nick Leggett's $27m plan to put decision-making in the hands of capital communities

Wellington mayoral candidate says he will give communities $1m a year to spend how they want.

Analysis: The scale of the Security Council - It does more than you think

ANALYSIS: Are you aware of all New Zealand has done on the Security Council, and what it can do?

John Key wrote to ethnic communities worried about their security

John Key wrote to ethnic communities worried they were being targeted by crime.

Little's chief of staff to head new Labour office in Auckland

Labour leader Andrew Little's chief of staff Matt McCarten is poised to quit the job and head up a new Labour office in Auckland.

New poll shows more support for medicinal cannabis law reform in New Zealand

Just one in eight oppose safe and legal access to medicinal cannabis products prescribed by licensed doctors, new poll says.

Parliament considers call to pardon men convicted before homosexual law reformed

An unknown number of gay men still carry convictions, so will the Government pardon those now wrongfully convicted?

Prime Minister John Key makes 'historic' visit to Dunstan High School

John Key has made history becoming the first Prime Minister to visit Alexandra's Dunstan High School.

ACC pulls investments in blacklisted companies

State-owned ACC had indirect investments in six companies on its blacklist.

Brian Roche to leave position as chief executive of NZ Post

Chief executive will step down after almost seven years of big changes as mail volumes dwindle.

John Key: Location of sex offenders after leaving prison 'always an issue'

John Key admits he wouldn't want a sex offender living next door to him, but says they have to live somewhere.

Promises houses can be more expensive - and more affordable - do not compute

OPINION: It may be open to debate whether the Government faces a "crisis" over housing.

Auckland mayoral hopeful Phil Goff: Limit immigration to fix housing crisis

Mayoral hopeful says limiting migrant numbers would give Auckland housing market a chance to recover.

Wellington mayoral candidate profile: Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson promises common sense and prudent policy if elected Wellington's mayor.

Nick Smith is 'Milllion-dollar Minister' as average Auckland house passes $1m mark

Houses in NZ's biggest city have cracked the magic million, much sooner than expected.

Jonathan Milne: There's only one answer to the housing bubble – gently deflate it

OPINION: What does a millionaire look like ... Dome-headed Daddy Warbucks? The top-hatted Monopoly man? Or a frazzled Auckland homeowner?

Oscar Kightley: 'Unfairness at work continues, thanks to one u-turn'

Opinion: The loss of union bargaining power over the years has cost workers the safeguards they used to enjoy.

Jacinda v David: Put kids at the centre of the school funding debate

OPINION: Education suffers if we are simply looking for new ways to divide the same budget.

Alice Wylie: The nonagenarian with a lifetime of political tales to tell

At 92, long-time National Party member and local body politician Alice Wylie has plenty of stories to tell.

Mayoral hopeful Paula Southgate says Hamilton needs a Housing Accord

​Hamilton is being urged to sign up to a Housing Accord.

Jo Moir: The Maori King has nailed his colours to the mast by shunning Labour

OPINION: Has the Maori King left his relative, Labour MP Nanaia Mahuta, out in the cold?

Stacey Kirk: Long knives being sharpened, but can Helen Clark stay clear of the blades?

OPINION: Her chances are slim, but it might not be wise to discount Helen Clark from the UN Sec-Gen race just yet.

Businesses on both sides of Easter Sunday trading law coin

Some see it as progressive, while others think it will bring more hassle.

Cycle bridge plan endorsed by majority of aspiring councillors

Palmerston North city council candidates give their views on the planned cycle and pedestrian bridge over the Manawatu River.

David Slack: Is this the real life, is this just fantasy?

OPINION: Be careful what you hold up to the light lest the truth be revealed, writes David Slack.

Below the Beltway: The week in politics

Who are the winners and losers from the week in politics?

Opinion maker: Tony Holman QSO on his vision for a better Auckland post local body elections

One top priority is drastically modifying the heavy-handed Unitary Plan imposed on Aucklanders: part of a series of local election opinion pieces.

Nod for Easter Sunday trading law gives councils power to decide

Businesses may now be able to open on Easter Sunday after the Government passes a law allowing local councils to decide.

Arthur Anae resigns over DHB's plan to sell land to the Government

Arthur Anae quits Counties Manukau Health board in "personality clash" with its chair over a proposed land sale to the Government.

No police checks for potential councillors in Marlborough

They say there's no hiding your past, but that shouldn't put you off running for council.

Wellington's mayoral candidates reveal where they stand on light rail for the capital

Jo Coughlan says it won't happen if she's Wellington's mayor. What do the other candidates think?

Prince's death drug prescribed to New Zealand's elderly

The drug that killed pop star Prince is being prescribed to New Zealand's elderly in record numbers.

Key washes hands of soap 'joke' but has he learned his lesson?

OPINION: There is a clear warning to the prime minister following his role in a bad taste "joke".

Petition calls for change to allow children to ride on footpaths

"We have forgotten what it's like to be a child"

A military man - former army chief and SIS boss Don McIver dies, 80

Former SIS boss and RSA president Don McIvor was a military man through and through.

Another minor National bill drawn from ballot amid Opposition complaints

Labour says latest MPs bill stacks the "biscuit tin" ballot and prevents more important measures from being debated.

PM on prison rape joke: 'It's nothing to do with me'

John Key played along with the joke at the time, but is washing his hands of it now.

Superannuatants form political party to stop Government taking their pensions

Pensioners form political party to take on the Government.

International media batter New Zealand's progressive social welfare legacy

Are Kiwis less caring about homelessness and child poverty? The Guardian and Al Jazeera think so.

Parliament's public entrance goes smokefree, but total ban stubbed out

Smoking stubbed out around the front of Parliament - but a wider ban is ruled out.

Government urged to tear up surplus carbon credits, not use them to meet target

The Government has been called upon to tear up its surplus carbon credits to make good on some dodgy accounting.

David Tua wants knockout blow for Easter Sunday trading law

Easter Sunday is a chance to "unwind and reflect", not hit the shops, the Tuaman says.

Defence links with China, US 'not mutually exclusive' - Brownlee

The last 15 years has seen the international strategic environment become increasingly uncertain and unstable. 
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