Children's flag referendum views are being heard by voters in their families

Children's voices are being heard in the flag referendum even though they can't vote, a Stuff poll indicates.

'Our job is not to censor. We're not serving the political elite, business or corporations'

One academic who went public with a controversial research contract says the police have since blacklisted him.

'I don't want to be prime minister' – Jacinda Ardern

Labour's rising star Jacinda Ardern says she is 'too selfish' to seek the leadership.

Former Australian detainee burglary arrest not a surprise - Andrew Little

Burglary arrest shows why Australia's policy isn't helping ex-cons to stay out of trouble, Andrew Little says.

NZ flag shown in Islamic State video on group's enemies

Kiwi flag linked to "global coalition" Islamic State has challenged to "bring it on".

Faces of Innocents: Too many children are dying, are we about to break another promise?

OPINION: It's expected to be the biggest reform since CYF was set up, so it had better do something. 

Why I'm voting my daughter's choice in the flag referendum

OPINION: I'm letting my daughter choose how I vote in the flag referendum. Here's why.

Live Chat replay: Chief Social Worker Paul Nixon talks child abuse in NZ

Catch up on our discussion with chief social worker Paul Nixon.

Education Minister Hekia Parata announces Marlborough colleges decision

Marlborough Boys' and Marlborough Girls' College to be co-located, costing $63 million.

Positive signs from Andrew Little's Australia trip, but more heat than light?

OPINION: Andrew Little promised to "shake the tree" in his fight for expats' rights, but it's unclear if his efforts have borne fruit.

Jacinda Ardern: 'It's not a good place to be a child'

Labour's Jacinda Ardern weighs in on New Zealand's "appalling" child abuse statistics.

Waikato ratepayers pay for investigation into mayor's swear word

A probe into a mayor's use of an expletive has cost Waikato ratepayers $10,469 – $1,745 per letter.

Drunk, defiant Muldoon snaps, calls election - 150 years of News

In 1984 a visibly drunk Rob Muldoon called a snap election

Lack of trust in National Standards on the agenda for Blenheim schools

A group of Marlborough Schools will work together to fix issues with National Standards.

MP Clare Curran posts photo of invalid flag vote online

Labour MP Clare Curran has posted a picture of her invalid flag referendum vote online.

Partner of Kiwi detainee speaks out about detention centre struggles

Girlfriend of a Kiwi detainee says she is worried about his deteriorating mental health as he fights his visa cancellation.

Hottest jobs in the public service

What's the best paid job to get into in the public service? It's not what you think.

Positive reception from Aus trip fuels fight against 'injustice' - Andrew Little

Labour leader's fight against "obvious injustice" facing Kiwi expats in Australia buoyed by positive reception.

Revealed: The highest paid public servants

Top public servants draw paycheques of over $600,000 a year, with the highest topping $800,000.

Stories of detained Kiwis show 'crude' nature of Aus policy - Andrew Little

Stories from Kiwi detainees in Sydney show how "crude" Australia's policy is, Andrew Little says.

Bill English reassures "super is sustainable'' in Wanaka charm offensive

Finance Minister Bill English reassured Wanaka senior citizens their superannuation is sustainable during his visit to the growing town on Wednesday.

Freshwater group welcome new iwi rights under proposed RMA law change

Maori leaders have welcomed proposed RMA changes which give iwi new rights to be involved in resource planning.

Labour's Waikato economic time bomb comment dismissed

Waikato economy rated four stars, but Labour's economic development spokesman says there are reasons to worry.

Government backs off fundamental changes to resource management law

The Got has made changes to the RMA to speed up planning and consent laws.

Former Nasa scientist backs Kiwi woman's climate change lawsuit against govt

An ex-Nasa heavyweight has thrown his support behind a Hamilton woman's climate change suit against the govt.

Little says Labour's job is to 'contest and challenge' the Government

Andrew Little bites back at Peter Dunne's dig at Labour for "losing its soul''.

Twyford slams Auckland's Special Housing Areas

Developers don't want to sacrifice financial gain for affordable Auckland homes, Labour's housing spokesman says.

Watching the watchdogs

OPINION: None of us is above being held accountable for our actions - not even the Police.

Kiwis in Australia share frustrations and setbacks with Labour's Andrew Little

Her dream life soured when she couldn't get support from the Australian government after a stress-induced breakdown.

Backlash over Christine Rankin's intention to run for mayoralty

Christine Rankin's intention to run for Taupo mayor has seen some backlash on social media. 

Runway extension: Mayors excited but Joyce not ready to loosen purse strings

Wellingtonians excited but Government yet to be convinced the runway extension will fly.

Prison operator Serco goes to High Court over fight club report

Serco says it hasn't had enough time to respond to a report into allegations at Mt Eden prison.

Australian Labor supportive of improved rights for Kiwi expats - Andrew Little

Australian Labor MPs are keen to improve the rights of Kiwis living and working across the ditch.

Explainer: What is the Government doing about child abuse?

What is this Government doing about child abuse?

Dr Patrick Kelly: The health system can help on child abuse

OPINION: Child abuse policy has been typically under-funded, inconsistently implemented and poorly evaluated.

'No eureka moment' from Australian govt on deportation rules - Andrew Little

Andrew Little says there's "no appetite" from the Australian government for any changes to controversial deportation laws affecting hundreds of Kiwis.

Greenpeace protesters charged over boat boarding

A court date has been set for Wellington Greenpeace protesters who stormed a NIWA research vessel.

Philippa Howden-Chapman highlights NZ's increasingly embarrassing housing crisis

Philippa Howden-Chapman is increasingly embarrassed by foreigners' astonished reactions to the state of NZ housing.

Public watchdogs need to bare their teeth over misuse of OIA, taxpayer events

OPINION:Time for a crack down on officials involved in preparing and censoring information

Government plays up cuts to back office staff, despite Treasury blow-out

A big reduction in government administration staff is highlighted after Treasury blow out.

Faces of Innocents: Promises, promises

WATCH: Three people who have tried to combat child abuse front up.

TPP deal sits in the hands of the weakest link

OPINION: Despite positive news about New Zealand hosting the signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership early next year, the entire deal is now hostage to the weakest link in the ratification supply chain,

Andrew Little given 'good hearing' on Kiwi rights in Australia despite pushback

Labour leader is confident of changes to Australian rules for expat Kiwis.

Christmas Island deportee too ashamed to tell family he's back in New Zealand

Deported from Christmas Island but living in secret as he's too ashamed to tell his family he is back in New Zealand. 

Agriculture left out of NZ government review of Emissions Trading Scheme

Greens say agriculture can't be left out of a review of greenhouse gas emissions target.

Australians could take to streets over Kiwi detention issue - Aus senator

Australian apathy over New Zealanders in detention centres could change to anger on the streets, a politician says.

A trail of broken promises: 1992-2015

There have been at least 60 reports, reviews or reforms on child abuse since 1992. Few seem to have much difference.

Colin Craig claims $15,000 from Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater for publication of 'Two of Me' poem

Colin Craig appears to have admitted a poem allegedly written for his former press-secretary is one of his original works.

Greenpeace activists end their protest against Niwa ship's oil survey role

Three Greenpeace protesters have climbed down from their perch on the Tangaroa research ship.

NZ 'should join Australia' for better deal on trans-Tasman rights - Australian senator

Sick of raw deal across the ditch? NZ should become part of Australia, politician says.
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