Flood waters recede at Makara

18:54, Aug 09 2012
MORNING SPLASH: Surface flooding Shelly Bay Rd.

Flood waters that cut off Makara residents and endangered stock have begun to recede.

Makara farmer Maxine Forde was waist-deep in water moving ewes and lambs from a neighbour's paddock during the peak of the flooding yesterday.

Makara Beach residents were cut off from Wellington due to flooding caused by yesterday's heavy rain.

Onslow Rd
A minor slip Onslow Rd this morning.

Mrs Forde said in the three years she had lived in Makara, she had never seen such severe flooding.

"Our drive was under water. . . Sheep were trapped in a paddock and I was just about up to my waist in water.

"We managed to get the sheep through otherwise they would have gone because they were pretty much trapped in the water."


Rain in wellington
A pedestrian gets caught in the rain this morning.

The paddock was 200m to 300m from a river, and looked more like a lake, she said.

"You could hardly see where the river was. It's the biggest I have seen it."

The water had receeded, but there was still some surface flooding, Mrs Forde said.

Sections of Makara Beach Rd, and the Takarau Gorge Rd between Makara and Johnsonville were still underwater last night, but police said there had been no problems reporterd this morning.

Engineers were due to assess any damage caused by flooding from this morning.

Sergeant Andy Dow, of police communications, said there had been a minor slip on the uphill section of Onslow Rd between the Hutt Rd and Khandallah.

A small slip came down on Raroa Crescent, off Chaytor Street, in Northland.

A third slip had come down between Shelley Bay and Massey Memorial on the Miramar Peninsula blocking part of the road near the entrance to the Massey Memorial walkway.   

There were also reports of flooding in the Aotea Lagoon area near the Police College in Porirua.


Today's weather is forecast to be the best day of the week with dry, fine spells.

By Saturday, cloud would thicken and a north-easterly would develop, the MetService forecast.

Cloud is expected to thicken late Saturday night and rain will spread by Sunday morning.

24  hours rain totals to 9am Thursday:

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