Capital on track for driest spring on record

Wellington is on track for the driest spring on record, and that should continue into summer.

Niwa today released its seasonal climate outlook for December to February.

Climate scientist Georgina Griffiths said summer temperatures were likely to be typical for the Wellington region.

Wellington had been very dry for the past three weeks, she said.

"For spring, it's looking like Wellington Airport is on track for its driest spring on record. It's currently at under half of its typical spring rainfall.''

Gisborne, Hawke's Bay and the Wairarapa were also expected to experience the dry conditions they'd had during the past few weeks.

"It's been dry there and we're expecting that to continue.''

Overall, New Zealand could expect typical summer weather, she said.

"Summer is likely to be a bit of a different flavour from last year. Last year, the North Island, Nelson, Marlborough were very wet and it was very dry in the Southland and the West Coast. It is kind of the reverse this year.''

Temperatures would also be typical across most of the country except for Taranaki, Wellington and the West Coast where it may be slightly cooler.  

"Sea temperatures around New Zealand are rather cold at the moment, they are around 1 degree cooler than they typically are. We are expecting that coolness to continue over the summer period.''

The Dominion Post