Sunshine will follow the rain

Metservice's rain radar showing considerable downfall as of 9:05am.
Metservice's rain radar showing considerable downfall as of 9:05am.

The coming Wellington Anniversary Weekend is likely to provide barbecue weather, forecasters say, with a relatively warm and dry few days expected.

The long-range forecast for the week has the capital, Wairarapa and Kapiti Coast enduring more rain and wind over the next few days before clearing up by the end of the week. Heavy rain was expected through until midday today.

Wellington was this morning smothered with dense cloud and persistent rain. The temperature had reached 16degC by mid-morning and was forecast for a high of 19degC, despite the rain.

Hawke's Bay can also expect some relief from the tinderbox dry conditions it has been having, with temperatures expected to drop to the low 20s by the weekend.

MetService meteorologist Dan Corbett said there was a chance of rain for the East Coast today and tomorrow, with cooler temperatures forecast for Thursday and Friday.

While Wellington could expect showers and wind on Thursday, Friday was looking much better.

"Another trough on Saturday . . . will bring a few showers, but then Sunday and Monday should be fairly decent," Mr Corbett said.

Temperatures of up to 22 degrees Celsius are forecast for Wellington on Saturday, while Wairarapa and Kapiti Coast will probably be a couple of degrees warmer.

"On Sunday, Wellington looks like it will be about 23 degrees and nice, and if the high builds the way it should it will be a barbecue day," Mr Corbett said. "In a nutshell, Monday won't be too bad either, possibly a bit of rain, and Wairarapa can expect temperatures in the mid-twenties."

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