'Rogue gust' hits Rimutaka Hill

A ''rogue gust'' of wind hit the Rimutaka Hill at almost 140kmh early today.

Gusts of up to 120kph were expected in Wellington and the southern Wairarapa last night.

While this was spot-on for Mt Kaukau, above Wellington, at 2pm yesterday, the Rimutaka hill had an average wind speed of 87kmh and a ''rogue'' gust of 139kmh at 2am today, MetService forecaster Liz Walsh said.

The Wellington suburb of Kelburn had a 120kmh gust at 5pm yesterday.

At 7am today, the Rimutaka hill was still gusting at 120kmh and the Wellington Harbour heads were gusting at 83kmh.

The winds were expected to die out later today, with fine, calm days in store for Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Dominion Post