Hot days, muggy evenings continue

Wellingtonians hoping for a respite from muggy nights shouldn't reach for the duvet just yet.

The MetService says humid evenings will continue tonight as a weather system continues to couple hot sunny days with "warm sticky" nights.

For the past two nights, temperatures in the capital have dropped only a couple of degrees, falling to 18 degrees on Monday night. Last night temperatures fell to 17.8 degrees at Kelburn, but lingered about 18 and 19 degrees at the airport, meteorologist John Law said. That followed top temperatures of about 22 degrees yesterday.

And with mercury pegged to reach 24 degrees today and 25 tomorrow, Mr Law said people should expect another uncomfortable night with temperatures again expected to drop to just 18 degrees.

"A warm day - but a warm sticky night."

The hot nights were due to an area of low pressure to the north, he said.

"It's just bringing some very warm moist air."

However, with a cooler days and some rain expected this weekend, there was respite on the way for those struggling to sleep in the warm temperatures, he said.

"It will hopefully bring a bit of a change of air mass."

That would mean both cooler conditions for those taking part in the Round the Bays run and walk on Sunday - and overnight lows of 12 to 14 degrees by the weekend, he said.

The Dominion Post